Tamisium Extractors Inc.

Tamisium Extractors Inc.

3300 Creston Avenue Fort Worth TX 76133, United States
Foundation: 2008
Category: Equipment
Phone: 817 726-7525

Tamisium Extractors offers a variety of extraction systems, each designed for specific extraction needs. Their lineup includes:

TE-175 Series: Available in different packages such as Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and with additional features like extra recovery tanks, heating jackets, and vacuum packages. Also, comes with a range of accessories and replacement parts for this series;

TE-700 Series: Includes an 8 oz system and variations with recovery tanks, heating jackets, and the TE700VRVI Total Package. Accessories, replacement parts, and vacuum packages are available, along with an upgrade kit;

TE-3000 Series: This series offers a 1 Kilo System with options like pump systems, vacuum packages, and specific accessories like wafer valves and channel filters. Replacement parts are also available;

TE-12000 Series: Designed for larger scale operations, the 4 kilo system comes with options for pump systems, accessories, and necessary replacement parts.

Tamisium Extractors Inc. also provide custom build options and solutions for industrial scale operations, capable of handling 1-25 tons, with automation features.