Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions

2468 Industrial Row Dr, Troy, MI 48084, United States
Foundation: 2015
Category: Equipment
Phone: 855 420-0020

Precision Extraction Solutions product lineup includes:

Various types of extraction systems (hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction systems), specialized for different types of solvent-based extractions.
Equipment for distillation processes;

A wide range of lab equipment, including temperature control units, lab accessories like stands, clamps, hot plates, stir accessories, lab supplies, oven accessories, and glassware;

Ancillary equipment that includes bead baths, cold traps, controllers and monitors, C1D1 enclosures for safety compliance, remediation and filtration systems, solvent recovery units, and others.

Precision Extraction Solutions also provides a wide array of parts and filtration media, crucial for maintenance, upgrades, and effective functioning of extraction systems. The list includes extractor parts, oven and pump parts, distillation parts, various kits, and filtration media.

Their post-processing equipment, like vacuum and dry & decarb ovens, offer solutions tailored to diverse scientific and industrial applications.

In addition, Precision Extraction Solutions also offers design packages, EliteLab® software for lab management, training services, financing options, and certifications.