Access Rosin

Access Rosin

25302 Jeronimo Road Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States
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Category: Equipment

Access Rosin specializes in the manufacture and distribution of innovative, turn-key solventless extraction solutions. They are particularly focused on the production of rosin, a cannabis concentrate known for its purity and rich profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Their product offerings include a range of solventless extraction equipment. This includes their KWÄD Rosin Machine, complete systems designed to streamline the solvent-less separation process at scale, all helping businesses increase their production capabilities.

They invest heavily in innovation, automation, and sustainability, aiming to set new benchmarks in the cannabis concentrate market. In addition, Access Rosin also offer a range of post-sale services, like personalized consultations, expert training programs, and assistance in facility design or planning, installation, commission, and training.