4975 Miller St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, United States
Foundation: 2011
Category: Equipment
Phone: 1 720515-9254

ExtractionTek, established in 2011, the cannabis extraction industry for its extraction and processing solutions. The company excels in designing, engineering, and fabricating equipment, particularly for the cannabis market, and has experience in the food, pharmaceutical, and cryogenic industries.

Their product line includes a range of extraction equipment, such as the Modular Extraction Platform XLE, designed for high-capacity operations, and incorporates technologies like the Hydrocarbon Falling Film Evaporator for efficient solvent recovery. ExtractionTek offers a variety of equipment for both butane and propane extraction, as well as ethanol extraction equipment, catering to different scales and requirements in the cannabis industry.

They offer scalable solutions to meet growing material requirements, ranging from small to large-scale operations.