Franklin Miller

Franklin Miller

60 Okner Pkwy, Livingston, NJ, US, United States
Foundation: 1996
Category: Equipment
Tags: Shredders

Franklin Miller is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of size reduction and shredding equipment. Their focus lies in creating machinery that efficiently reduces the size of materials in a variety of industrial and municipal applications. Well-established, with a particular emphasis on producing equipment that can handle tough and challenging materials.

The range of products offered by Franklin Miller includes industrial shredders, grinders, and crushers. These machines are designed to process a wide array of materials, such as waste, plastics, paper, wood, food, chemicals, and wastewater. Each product is engineered to meet specific size reduction needs, from coarse shredding to fine grinding. This versatility makes their equipment suitable for a broad spectrum of industries, including recycling, waste management, food processing, chemical manufacturing, and more.

The company is known for integrating advanced technologies and features into its products to enhance efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. Franklin Miller’s role in their respective industry segments is crucial, as they provide essential tools for material handling and waste processing.