The Original Resinator

The Original Resinator

3620 Airway Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States
Foundation: 2011
Category: Equipment

The Original Resinator is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of equipment for the extraction and processing of botanicals and essential oils.

Their flagship product is — as the name suggests — The Resinator, a multi-purpose machine designed for various forms of botanical extraction, including kief extraction, essential oils, and biomass refinement.

This machine is perfect for the needs of both small-scale and commercial users in the botanical extraction industry, particularly those who work with cannabis.

The product range of The Original Resinator is primarily centered around their Resinator models, which come in different sizes and capacities to suit varying operational scales. These models are complemented by a selection of accessories and add-ons, like screens of varying micron sizes for kief extraction, or chiller systems for temperature control during extraction processes.

The Resinator machines are designed to perform multiple functions, including dry sifting, wet washing, and even trimming, all in one unit.