30191, Avenida de las Banderas suite b ancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688, United States
Foundation: 2021
Category: Equipment

Convectium specializes in the manufacturing and supply of filling and capping machines. They provide automated solutions in vape cartridge filling, capping, pre-roll, and cone filling machines. These machines are designed to improve the efficiency of vape packaging and post-production operations in the cannabis industry. Systems like the Jiko are specifically engineered for infusing pre-rolls with a range of concentrates. Their product range also includes 710-Shark v8.0 and the hydraulic 710-Captain H100 capping machines.

Convectium’s goal is claimed to be to enhance business productivity by providing affordable, easy-to-use automation solutions. These solutions aim to increase revenue by reducing production costs, minimizing product loss, lowering labor costs, and increasing output with fewer shifts.

Convectium’s technology is tailored to meet the needs of almost all cannabis oil producers, including those working with THC, CBD, and Delta 8. Their machinery is designed to infuse various sized pre-rolls, accommodating different types of concentrates and form factors.