Benzaco Scientific

Benzaco Scientific

5185, MacArthur Blvd, NW, 606, United States
Foundation: 1994
Category: Equipment

Benzaco Scientific, Inc. specializes in the development and provision of odor control solutions, primarily for industrial and municipal applications. Their focus is on creating products that effectively neutralize and manage unpleasant odors typically associated with waste treatment facilities, landfills, composting sites, and industrial manufacturing processes.

The range of products offered by Benzaco Scientific includes a variety of odor neutralizers and deodorants, which are formulated to address specific types of odor problems. These products are often applied through misting systems, vaporization units, or direct application to the odor source. Benzaco Scientific’s product line is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for use in various industrial and municipal settings.

They’ve conducted extensive research to understand the chemical composition of different odors and the environmental factors affecting odor dispersion. This research informs the development of their products, ensuring they are both effective and environmentally sustainable.