Grasshopper Extractor

Grasshopper Extractor

United States
Foundation: 2023
Category: Equipment

Grasshopper Extractor is a company that specializes in the production of extraction equipment, primarily used in the botanical and herbal extraction industry. Focus lies in developing and manufacturing equipment that facilitates the extraction of essential oils, resins, and other compounds from various botanical materials.

Products offered by Grasshopper Extractor includes a variety of extraction machines and related accessories. These machines are designed for different scales of operation, from small, personal-use extractors to larger, industrial-grade machines. Line may encompass items such as rotary evaporators, closed-loop extraction systems, and distillation equipment. Additionally, the company might offer accessories and supplementary products like filters, pumps, and collection vessels, essential for the extraction process.

The company may invest significantly in research and development to enhance the efficiency and safety of their extraction equipment.