ABM Equipment

ABM Equipment

Verified 13911 NW 3rd Ct. Vancouver, Wa 98685, United States
Foundation: 1980
Category: Equipment

ABM Equipment is a full-service sales, engineering, and integration group with over 40 years of experience across a diverse range of industries. The company specializes in handling, processing, packaging, and inspection equipment, offering both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sales and custom-built equipment.

ABM Equipment’s services include process engineering, product testing, mechanical engineering, fabrication, system integration, and general contracting. They are involved in every step from initial concept to final implementation, including compliance verification, new equipment design, and equipment optimization. Additionally, they offer maintenance, repair, and training services.

One of their notable software solutions is the DSO Sentinel suite, which provides reports and control over processing lines, meeting audit requirements of entities like Costco for product traceability and machine validation records.