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Plant Necromancy: Freezing the Dead to Bring Their Essence Back to Life in Cannabis Products

Written by Nicholas Demski

A unique way to process cannabis and create a powerful concentrate that preserves the smell and taste of the plant

Your friend invites you over to see their new, exotic dab rig. It’s a beautiful, 16-inch tall glass recreation of Iron Man. His outstretched fist holds up a red-hot nail as your friend heats it. He pulls out something else he says is new. This time it’s a concentrate.

He’s generous, and lets you do the honors. As you exhale your first dab of this new concentrate through the new rig, you relax. But it quickly fades.

You look at the concentrate on the table and see it’s crawling towards you. It morphs and bends finger-like appendages that help it pull itself across the table. Faster and faster it gets until it jumps from the table and lands on your face. You scream.

“It’s a live resin!

No, live resin isn’t actually alive. But it is an interestingly unique form of concentrate. Let’s take a close look at a specific form of it: live sugar,what it is and how it’s made.

Live Sugar is a Special Concen-treat

It’s not sweet, but live sugar is a delightful form of live resin. Live sugar has the consistency of thick sugar bits in honey, hence its name. It’s an amber-colored goo that results from a unique way of processing cannabis plants: alive.

That is, when cannabis plants are processed before they’re cured, the material contains a higher terpene content than the dried material used to make things like shatter. The extra oils in the plant material during processing leads to honey-like consistencies.

By either using fresh-cut material or plants that were immediately frozen upon harvesting, live resin products, like live sugar, often contain a more congruent terpene profile compared to the original plant. As a result, the scents and flavors are more potent in the final product. Although, it’s a more difficult and more expensive way to process cannabinoids, live sugar is for those who want a potent product with a powerful flavor. Its smell is no different. Live sugar is often said to smell exactly like the plant that created it.

Make mine from Girl Scout Cookies, please.

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