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Is Thanksgiving Ruined? What are Pie Crust Concentrates?

Written by Nicholas Demski

A quick overview of what pie crust concentrates are, who enjoys them, and how they are helpful to consumers.

Your dad’s sister proudly announced ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!’ at 10:30 am.

Your mom made a backhanded compliment to your aunt about the turkey being remarkably delicious for such a dry bird.

And your grandpa, bless his war hero heart, was disgruntled against athletes not holding their hands over their heart during the National Anthem.

So, is Thanksgiving isn’t ruined? Maybe, but not by pie crust concentrates.

Pie crust concentrates aren’t for pies; they simply have a vague resemblance to the appearance of smashed, airy dough. They’re a niche within the cannabis concentrate industry.Every niche is an outlier of the mainstream, and every niche has its own outliers.

What are pie crust concentrates?

Even the layperson knows that cannabis comes in concentrated forms; oils have gone mainstream. What most people don’t know is that there are many ways to extract cannabinoids and turn them into something consumable.

Kief is rather easy to make, it requires little more than a grinding cannabis and patience to gather enough trichomes. It can be done by hand. Pie crust concentrates–on the other hand–require extra work only slightly simpler than what it would take to make premium shatter.

Initially, pie crust concentrates are created in a closed-loop extraction system where they are hit with a solvent. A vacuum oven purges the solvent, and from here, shatter would need several more purge-cycles of the solvent. To make pie crust concentrates, however, the substance just needs to be pressed. The extra pressure increases the rate of nucleation, which is what leaves the product with its classic, honey-comb appearance with a soft, velvety finish.

Who likes pie crust concentrates?

Pie crust concentrates, if we had to place them on a scale, would be somewhere above wax yet below shatter. It’s potent without the power of shatter, yet smells incredible and has a pleasing effect.

How are pie crust concentrates helpful?

The smells and effects come from two things: terpenes and their combined interactions with cannabinoids, respectively. The high level of cannabinoids combined with the terpene profiles found in pie crust concentrates delivers maximum value to consumers.

While not every family member at your Thanksgiving get-together is going to appreciate your pie crust concentrate, the astute cannabis consumer among them, will recognize the medical potential these types of concentrates can contain.

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