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Let’s Talk About Crumble: A Quick Guide to a Quality Extract

Written by Nicholas Demski

Starting in Nepal, you’ll first climb the Khumbu Icefalls, a 3,700 foot tall glacier. If that isn’t dangerous enough, your next obstacle is the Geneva Spur, a gigantic rock formation that could crush Atlas. From there, you’ll harrowingly attempt to pass the recently collapsed Hillary Step. Do all that, and you’ll be one of the few people who’ve stepped on the highest point on the planet: the top of Mount Everest.

Are you getting the point? Good things take time

Figure 1 Don’t forget to tweet about your accomplishment.

The same can be said for crumble.

What’s This Crumble You Speak Of?

Dabbing is all the rage these days, and for good reasons. It’s a minimalist approach to cannabis consumption that provides a novel way of consuming with compound-packed extracts.

Wax, shatter, and budder all have their own corners of the dabbing world carved out. Crumble, however, takes the cake in a few ways.

How Crumble Excels

Crumbles–due to their low-heat, extended-time extraction processes–are generally high in terpenes (1). As a result, they are often considered one of the best smelling extracts on the market.

Similarly, crumble is typically the driest of all the concentrates and the best batches can be easily parceled down into vaporizer-appropriate sizes.

Due to its dry consistency with high terpene content, crumble is also considered one of the best tasting concentrates.

These qualities make crumble organoleptically appealing while providing value in terms of portability and potency.

Unfortunately, though, with everything good comes some bad.

Crumble Isn’t Perfect

Terpenes and hydrocarbons have very similar boiling points (2). So, crumble’s extraction process that retains the high number terpenes also can retain a high number of hydrocarbons.

This will prove unsavory for many people, and should be kept in mind if you’re looking for a healthier way to consume cannabis.


If you’re looking for high THC content with a massive burst of terpenes to boot, crumble is the concentrate you’re looking for.

Sure, it takes a little longer to make. But, much like the drudge up Mount Everest, the final result is something to breathe in and fully taste.

Crumble isn’t just a concentrate; it’s a moment in time. A moment to fully embrace what cannabis has to offer in a crumbly and delicious medium.

Have you tried crumble? How do you think it compares to shatter when using a dab rig?


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