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Latest Trends in Making Bubble Hash

Written by Petar Petrov

Bubble hash is another artisanal product that attracts many people with its solvent-less, pure profile and quality transparency. After all, there’s a sure way to know if it’s not up to standard: “if it don’t bubble, it ain’t worth the trouble.” (1)

But the problem is that getting it to that level is quite time- and energy-consuming, with the extracted hash taking up to a week to dry and requiring the right environment and care. This is the reason why hash’s spot in the cannabis extracts scene has been becoming smaller and smaller in the last few years. However, some new equipment might eliminate the time and inconvenience factors and bring back bubble hash in the spotlight where it has always belonged.

Modern Freeze Dryers

Freeze dryers have been around for a while, but only recently have they been implemented into the cannabis industry. They employ a process called “lyophilization” which consists of alternating between extremely cold and warmer temperatures in a vacuum environment that removes moisture from the hash. (2) This takes between 24 and 36 hours and doesn’t require nearly as much monitoring, if any, as the old-fashioned drying technique.

These dryers are available even for home use and are pretty straightforward to operate. Nevertheless, niche hash makers use scientific-grade freeze dryers which offer customizable freezing and warming cycles and thus gives producers the control over every step of the process.

“Freeze dryers are a game changer; you can decrease dry time and processing from days to hours, while preserving the peak trichome and terpene profile of the hash,” Manny, the owner of Fox Cannabis and The Proper Extracts, tells MassRoots.

Another of freeze dryers’ strongest attributes is considered to be their ability to preserve cannabis terpenes.

Rosin Press

When drying hash with modern freeze dryers is followed up by a rosin press, you get a product that is pure, strong, relatively fast to make, and can compete on every level with the most sought after extracts on the market. Overall, a win from both a producer’s and a consumer’s standpoint.

Fresh-Frozen Material vs Dry Flowers

Another hot topic in how to make bubble hash is the comparison between using fresh-frozen material and dried flowers to create it. The process is identical in both cases, but there can be some significant differences in the end product’s yield and quality. It’s very important to note that these differences are not uniform and vary additionally from plant to plant. However, the threats are as follow: (3)

After a couple of ice-water washes, the bubble hash from the fresh-frozen material is of higher quality, greater yield, and is more flavorful; however, those characteristics start rapidly deteriorating after the first few washes, whereas the dry material makes for lower, yet more consistent quality throughout all the washes.

Furthermore, fresh-frozen material is considered to preserve the “full spectrum” of terpene and cannabinoid profile of the source plant. (2)

This is why the actual plant which you make hash from makes all the difference – if the plant gives up its trichomes more easily, the fresh-frozen approach would prove more efficient, however, if the plant would require a good few washes, using dry flower would be wiser overall.

These trends, especially the use of modern freeze dryers can turn bubble hash into a product that borrows the best from both the artisanal and technological world. This overlap creates a leveled, cheap playing field where both new trends and talent can emerge.


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