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World Renowned Extraction Guru, Dr. John MacKay, Opens First Institute of Extraction Technology

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July 22th, 2021, SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Dr. John MacKay’s Institute of Extraction Technology partners alongside the CBD Expo Tour to offer courses on each stage of the extraction process. The first full-day intensive course will be offered on August 26th, 2021 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, one day prior to MACE Media Group’s Original CBD Expo SOUTHEAST & Delta 8 Conference. Attendees of the course will get hands-on experience with actual extraction and cannabinoid testing as well as free admission to The CBD Expo SOUTHEAST. Student will have the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Attendance for Merging Business and Science of Extraction & a Certificate of Attendance and Passing Competency Test.

“Partnering with CBD Expo TOUR to further expand their commitment to raising the tide of knowledge about all facets of the CBD market is an exciting new phase in my career. I am focused on helping people make informed decisions about the foundation of the market, namely the concentration of the hemp plant.” Said Dr. John Mackay, founder of The Institute of Extraction Technology and worldwide recognized expert in extraction and analytical testing.

The Institute of Extraction Technology packs its first year with significant changes expected to maximize the time of attendees. The first one being, limited capacity of 16 attendees per session offering a more one on one experience to assure proper understanding of the extraction process. Secondly, an inclusion of more hands-on activities for extraction and analysis. Lastly, always having the principles taught to have a return in investment in less than one week.

The cannabis and cannabinoid extraction industry continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors. Offering those interested promising careers as Extraction Technicians, Extraction Specialists, and Extraction Manager. With more technology out now than ever before, it’s crucial to get proper training and education as more physics and chemistry are involved in the extraction process. “People typically feel that chemistry is too hard for them to understand. That is true for most people. Though, like CBD Expo Tour presentations, panel discussions and attendees themselves, the goal is to bring knowledge through applied chemistry, applied business principles with a health-based foundation that is easy to digest” Said Dr. John Mackay.

The Institute of Extraction Technology will also hold training certification courses independent of The CBD Expo TOUR. All of the course stops can be seen on the official website,


Institute of Extraction Technology

Graduating from the Institute of Extraction Technology can prepare you to advance in your career and gain the extra knowledge needed to stay competitive and up-to-date in your field. Completion of this coursework demonstrates evidence of your specialized education achievement.


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