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The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo Tour Heads to Orlando, FL to Wrap Up its ‘22 tour… With a New Twist

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, August 30th, 2022 – MACE Media Group, pioneers of education in the CBD and Psychedelic industries, heads to Orlando, Florida for its 30th tradeshow event, and fifth time in Orlando, FL. The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour will be a two-day event showcasing the latest innovative products out in the CBD and Cannabinoid markets. As well as, offer top-tier education on the latest research and trends in the CBD, Extraction, and Psychedelic space.

The expo will be held on October 6th – 7th, 2022 at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Florida, and will feature over 60 exhibitors, live demos on extraction testing equipment, and culinary demos. Across the hall in two separate rooms, hourly panel discussions and talks will be held on subject matters curated for impact and importance.

This expo will be the first to introduce MACE Media Groups’ talks series. The Doc Talks, which will be held on October 7th, will allow Medical Doctors of all sectors of the Cannabinoid and Medical Cannabis spaces to share the latest research and case studies. This will also be an opportunity to listen in on the Doctors personal journey into the Cannabinoid/Medical Cannabis Industries. “We’re known for the quality of our education,” says, Graciela Moreno, COO of MACE Media Group. “So with every expo, we like to experiment with new ways that we can offer the highest quality of education to our attendees,” says Moreno. Similar to Doc Talks, The CEO Talks will offer the opportunity for CEOs in the Cannabinoid space to share the personal story of their company and how it came to stand today. You’ll get the opportunity to listen in on the ups and downs of the industries from a first-hand perspective. As well as gain tips, tricks, and learn niches to better your own business.

Concurring the D8 Expo/CBD Expo panel discussions on October 7th will be The Psychedelic Medicine Conference. The Conference will be held from October 7th – 8th, bringing educational panel discussions on psychedelics’ biological, medicinal, and ethical aspects. With panel topics such as Psychedelics for Veterans: A New Hope for PTSD and Mental Health, Psychedelic and Your Body: What’s Happening Inside?, and Psychedelic Medicine: Safety & Ethical Concerns. On October 8th, a hands-on workshop will be held on how to grow mushrooms and the extraction process of mushrooms.

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About MACE Media Group: 

MACE Media Group produces many trade events including The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with the Original CBD Expo, The Delta 9 Expo, Psychedelic Science Conference, and Extraction Expo. MACE Media Group is also the largest publisher in the cannabinoid space. Its premiere title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its sister publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, and Extraction Magazine revolve around the growing cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations


About The Delta 8 Expo in Partnership with The CBD Expo Tour

The first of its kind to bring the largest Delta 8 & CBD event platform to broadcast products with the community and share knowledge with the industry. Headlined by CannaAid, the events feature more than 70 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, production, globalization, and sale of Delta 8 & CBD products. The Delta 8 in Partnership with the CBD Expo Tour has been held in Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, and now Florida.

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