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Cannabis Diamond Mining

Written by Asia Mayfield

Diamond mining has a new meaning—and it’s all about cannabis. To some, cannabis “diamonds” are as alluring and lustrous as those mined from the earth. They are, however, much less durable, and much less expensive.

What are Cannabis Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are large crystals of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). [1] These diamonds are “mined” from cannabis extracts like live resin sauce, shatter, or other viscous extracts, resulting in an indulgent product.

What is Cannabis Diamond Mining?

Cannabinoids and terpenes separate over time such as through product aging. Terpenes remain in a liquid form at room temperatures, while THCA “crashes out” as a solid. A full-spectrum concentrate is prone to nucleation, the process where different compounds begin to separate. Depending on the concentrate, this could lead to the formation of a few small cannabis diamonds. Pictures of such “sauce diamonds” are commented on social media as though they’re prized jewels.

Extractors can create large THCA diamonds from most concentrates with patience and a jar or stainless steel vessel. They often start with butane hash oil. Once ready, it undergoes a light purge to off-gas leftover butane. Finally, the remaining liquid is dumped into jars. To form cannabis diamonds, the oil is left inside the jar for at least two weeks. At the end, plump cannabis diamonds will be swimming in a dense terpene pool. This traditional method is referred to as “jar tech.”

Crystallization chambers/diamond miners (available from several manufacturers) control the pressure, moisture, and heat during crystallization. This affords greater control and allows the extractor to accelerate the process for commercial efficiency.

Where to Find Cannabis Diamonds

Because crystallization is relatively inexpensive and straightforward, many cannabis companies sell diamonds. You can find small ones where terpene soup is the star, and you can also find colossal THCA diamonds that deliver an incredibly potent experience.


[1] Sassano M, DeMeo A. These diamonds won’t last forever. Extraction Magazine. Nov-Dec 2020.

Image source: devansiennaescrow from Pixabay

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