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Vanguard Scientific and REM Technologies Partner to Deliver Novel Remediation Solution for Extractors

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Company to offer first-ever technology that efficiently targets and distills THC away from cannabinoids

Aurora, OR July 8, 2020  Vanguard Scientific Systems, Inc., a premier provider of equipment, systems, and performance solutions servicing the botanical extraction industry announced today a new distributor partnership with REM Technologies, a US-based company dedicated to assisting hemp processors to remove THC from their extracts. Vanguard Scientific will become the preferred reseller of REM Technologies’ breakthrough harmonic distillation remediation technology that solves a long-standing challenge for hemp extraction operators who have struggled to effectively remediate – or remove – THC from oils.

While the remediation process has historically been expensive and highly inefficient, this partnership seeks to provide clients with a revolutionary THC remediation solution, capable of processing from 40 to 70 liters of winterized or distilled oil per day with no recurring consumables costs and significantly reduced solvent recovery requirements.

“Vanguard has been working to identify and define a scalable and cost-effective remediation solution on behalf of clients for the past 36 months, but it is not until now that we are able to confidently represent a cost-responsible, high throughput THC remediation solution,” said Matthew Anderson, CEO,  Vanguard Scientific. “Through the deployment of the Vanguard Scientific specific REM Technologies and HPLC solution, our clients will be able to turn out more than 60 KGs a day of high CBD oil that is legally compliant for inter-state and international export at a cost basis that can sustain the current and forecast commodity-like prices the global hemp industry is expected to face over the coming next few years of market stabilization.”

The REM Technologies harmonic distillation systems use computer-controlled heating and flow regulation in concert with HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) to efficiently target and distill THC away from the other cannabinoids with no damaging solvents, at low consumable costs. To support these efforts, Vanguard has paired best-in-class potency testing equipment and operating procedures with the REM Technologies remediation platform, ensuring users understand complaint practice recommendations and that they know precisely when their oil has reached targeted non-detect THC levels.

Simon, COO of REM Technologies, says the company has high expectations for its work with Vanguard. “REM Technologies is very excited to be working with Vanguard Scientific. From the beginning of our discussions, it was clear that the firm innately understood the unit economics of CBD processing, and thus the huge value add that scalable THC remediation represents.” Simon added, “In an industry rife with exaggerated claims and bad actors, Vanguard aligns with our company’s goal to efficiently bring reliable and proven technology to market.”

The D970L system will be released for sale through Vanguard Scientific starting next week with the pre-orders available at‎.

Features and benefits of the REM Technologies D970L include:

  • Significant increase in remediation capacity with a significant decrease in recurring consumable costs.
  • No volatile chemicals and no reusable or recurring consumables costs.
  • Processing capabilities of up to 70 KGs a day.
  • Allows for THC remediation of CBD extract leaving a broad spectrum of cannabinoids still present in the oil.
  • Low energy consumption further reduces operating costs

About Vanguard Scientific:

Vanguard Scientific Systems, Inc.  ( is the premier provider of equipment, systems, and performance solutions servicing the botanical extraction industry. From hemp and other plant-derived botanicals, the Company’s core mission is to deliver its customers the capability to manufacture the highest quality, most valued oils and extracts routinely and cost-effectively. Steeped in R&D, Vanguard Scientific is able to activate smart extraction facilities through the technology integration of superior processing systems and quality solutions. While product and producer agnostic, Vanguard Scientific has pioneered its own proprietary technology called MIDAS XII, a next-generation GMP compliant supercritical CO2 extraction technology

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