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CALIHASH Launches New Line of Ice Water Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

CALIHASH Brings a Selection of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica Hash Cold Water Extract Pre-Rolls to California Market to Offer a Longer Lasting, Slow Smoke Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA. (April 21, 2020) – CALIHASH, a premium Ice Water Hash brand which uses a unique, gentle, solventless water extraction processes to offer unparalleled hash products, today announced that they are launching a line of pre-rolls to select locations in California.

CALIHASH pre-rolls are made with carefully selected premium California cannabis flower infused with select ice water CALIHASH [cultivar]s to deliver one of the highest terpene cannabinoid profile pre-rolls available.

“The team at CALIHASH is very excited to finally bring the pre-rolls to the California market,” said Michael Domecq, CEO of CALIHASH. “With a predominantly flower focused market, we want to be able to provide the highest quality experience to consumers medically and recreationally with our product and begin to truly educate consumers about the unique experience hash brings to its users.”

  • The CALIHASH Hybrid Pre-roll: The CALIHASH Hybrid blend consists of MAC flower infused with CALIHASH Sunset Sherbert hash- 33% cannabinoid concentration.
  • The CALIHASH Sativa Pre-roll: The CALIHASH Sativa consists of Lemon Breath flower infused with CALIHASH Lambs Bread hash – 35% cannabinoid concentration.
  • The CALIHASH Indica Pre-roll: The CALIHASH Indica consists of OG flower infused with CALIHASH Afghani – 35% cannabinoid concentration.

Always using [cultivar] specific flower and hash

CALIHASH is a Los Angeles based hashish brand which uses a unique, gentle, solvent less water extraction process to offer unparalleled hash products for medicinal and recreational use. All CALIHASH products are locally sourced from DTLA Lab Farms and manufactured in Reseda, CA. CALIHASH Cold Water Extraction (CWE) uses a completely solventless and gentle process to extract the trichome from the plant material, this ensures a clean and unadulterated cannabinoid profile. CALIHASH’s Ice Water Hash is extracted manually in the city of Los Angeles to offer its clientele a unique selection of single [cultivar] hash expression. CALIHASH uses a natural extraction and maturation process differentiating itself from most other industry players to ensure the highest quality product in the marketplace.

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