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Cleaner, Purer CBD With No Additives or Wasted Resources? Planetarie Has Made It Possible

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EVANS, Colo., April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Using new, patent-pending technology, Planetarie has created a process that extracts full-spectrum CBDa using only water. Unlike other methods of extraction that produce a lot of waste, damage the cannabinoids within the hemp plant, or introduce other substances into the final product, Planetarie’s Water Extraction Technology (W.E.T.) allows for better potency and a higher bioavailability of cannabinoids without adding harmful substances. In addition to being a cleaner final additive that can be used in any product currently using CO2-extracted CBD, Planetarie’s CBDa is harvested from hemp plants grown on the USDA-certified organic Nikkal Farm in Northern Colorado.

“We’re dedicated to helping businesses provide their customers with only the highest quality hemp-derived products. Our infusions start with some of the best hemp grown anywhere on the planet and then go through a clean and fast extraction process that leaves only the most pure form of CBD, the acidic precursor known as CBDa,” said CEO Stacy Cason, MBA. Some studies have shown that CBDa has the same benefits of CBD but uses new paths to neuroreceptors in order to achieve these effects, making them more efficient and powerful. Planetarie has formulated potent CBDa additives in a number of stable forms, including liquids, topicals, and capsules. These forms of CBDa do not negatively affect the integrity of a product, which means that if a provider were to switch to a Planetarie extraction, they would not need to adapt their formulations or recipes.

“When we started out, we were obsessed with the idea of creating cleaner, more responsible, more healthy ways of delivering these incredible compounds to the people who need them. All of us have seen firsthand the difference that CBD can make, and we wanted to make it easier and faster for companies to add pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids to their products,” Cason said.

By focusing on producing products according to their own strict guidelines, including consistent testing of the hemp they use and the finalized products, as well adhering to Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Planetarie has become an industry leader in the absence of government regulation. “By going above and beyond now, we can make sure that when regulations do arrive, that we are already ahead of them,” Cason said.

With production ramped up, Planetarie is ready to deliver more and more infusions to CBD-based businesses across the United States and the world that can be used in any end-consumer topical or consumable.

Since its foundation, Planetarie has been leading the CBD industry in clean extraction technology. By providing the purest CBDa to businesses focused on improving healthfulness, Planetarie is living its commitment to people, the planet, and the plant.

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