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Tech-Forward Cannabis Brand Full Spec Launches Single Source Live Resin

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CALIFORNIA 2020– Cannabis production may not be synonymous with control freaks, but there’s one brand where it’s paying off – for both the brand and its customers. Washington-based Full Spec, a collaboration of experienced cultivators, extractors, and technology experts from Leafwerx, Holy Water Technology, and Crtfd, has launched its first line of live resin. Live resin is an emerging trend in cannabis and a preferred product among cannabis connoisseurs and purists because through this process, the plant retains its aroma, the complex terpene profiles, and can enhance the psychoactive effects.

Full Spec maintains complete control of its product at every stage of the process from ownership of the 20+ acre, sungrown cultivation farm in East Wenatchee, Washington to the production and manufacturing facility where everything, including extraction, is done in house to ensure transparency and quality control. Flower is hand selected and immediately frozen to retain and preserve the flavor profiles and integrity of the terpenes. The live resin is then extracted and packaged, using no synthetic or artificial additives resulting in a 100% pure product that retains all its natural properties.

“We capture every part of the plant, not just THC. Our name, Full Spec, speaks to our full spectrum of control in not only processing our products, but also in how we provide customers the full spectrum of effects; we believe in letting the terpenes and natural compounds shine,” according to the Full Spec team.

Unlike most live resins that are consumed through dabbing, Full Spec has partnered with two of the highest quality vaping devices known for their technology, AVD and PAX, to offer users a more convenient method of consumption. “It was important that we partner with the best vapor technologies because so much of our effort goes into producing the highest quality product. You should be in a tuned hardware tuned to deliver the intended experience,” according to the Full Spec team.

The brand is targeting cannabis connoisseurs but also those with an interest in accessing higher quality products. “Cannabis is a lifestyle so we wanted to create a way for users to experience the plant in its purest form, a full spectrum extract, in a more convenient way. Whether you’re new to cannabis, or a longtime cannabis user, if you have a good palette, this product is for you,” said the team.

Full Spec’s initial product launch includes a hybrid resin, consisting of live resin and distillate, in a variety of strains – Nine Pound Hammer #6, Candy Apple, Citrus Sap, and Green Dream with more on the way. The product is available in AVD 510 Cartridges and PAX Pods and can be found in dispensaries throughout Washington.

To find Full Spec, visit If you would like to request samples, hi-res images or to speak with a company principal, please contact Marylyn Simpson at [email protected].

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