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What’s New in the World of HolyWater?

Written by Nicholas Demski

Exploring a popular niche of cannabis products that have tried to remain obscure.

A friend’s birthday is coming up. You’d like to get them a cake that you know they’ll love. So, you head to the store and press your nose against the glass of all the cakes they have pre-made and are ready-to-go. They’re nice cakes, some with cute decorations, but they’re all missing something. You leave the store, call your favorite aunt, and ask her if she’ll help you bake a cake for your friend’s birthday. A seasoned baker, she’s happy to oblige. Starting with wholesome ingredients and ending with a personal message, your aunt helped you use the best recipe for your friend’s cake.

What does this have to do with cannabis extraction?

Your average extractions are often garden variety. For a better recipe, let’s take a look at HolyWater.

What is HolyWater? It’s often otherwise known as a type of butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. According to a review that was published in 2018, “the general purpose is to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes in butane in order to separate them from the solid plant material and yield a highly potent THC concentrate.” [1]

As is common with most BHOs, HolyWater undergoes an extraction phase and a purging phase. However, it’s more than that. The major point of creating HolyWater, and products like it, is to create an extraction with a high level of terpenes. In fact, in terms of extracts that preserve terpenes, Holy Water shows some of the highest terpene content on the market.

Addison DeMoura of Steep Hill-Halent reported that the aroma from one gram of HolyWater “is comparable to a whole bag of [cannabis]”, with terpene contents measuring as high as 20% by weight. Another experiencer of HolyWater likened a dab “taken by someone on the other side of the room smells like a fresh bud is practically being stuffed up your nose.”

The exact process of the extraction of true HolyWater is kept a closely guarded secret.

And why shouldn’t it be?

If your aunt was a world-class baker, would she be telling everyone her secrets to baking? Perhaps, but she might also find a way to monetize her system. The value provided by high-quality products is often worth top-dollar. For HolyWater, this is no different. These clean, tasty extracts might be out of some people’s budget, but it’s a niche of products that epitomize what cannabis products can do when purity becomes the focus.


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