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Leading California Extractor Fills Two Million Cartridges Per Month with Next Generation Distillate

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Sisu Extracts’ Cartridge-Ready Distillate with Cannabis HTE Terpenes to Redefine Cannabis Oil Supply Chain Management

Humboldt County, Calif.—June 27, 2019— Today, Sisu Extracts, a full-service cannabis extraction company, brought distillate sales to the next level by incorporating Humboldt’s finest cannabis derived terpenes into their premium cartridge blends. The company is currently producing enough oil to fill up to two million cartridges per month, but they aren’t limiting their focus to scaling production. The extraction giant is responding to the market’s demand for flavorful cannabis derived terpenes and HTE live resin as they continue to increase their oil output for their brand partners.

Traditionally, bulk distillate buyers blend off-the-shelf terpenes and other flavors with THC oils to produce flavorful vapor cartridges. Offering HTE Blended Distillate eliminates this step, bringing value priced THC and one-hundred percent cannabis derived terpene extracts to brands in a ready-to-fill format.

“Since we work directly with the local farmers and pay more for their biomass, we have access to an unbelievable variety of quality fresh or frozen materials,” said Joe Wynne, Sisu Extracts VP of Sales. “Unlike other extraction methods, this process preserves the plant’s living terpene profile before they float away in the drying process. We collect these amazing, living flavor profiles and pair them to our distillate at scale.”

Sisu Extracts’ provides the ‘secret sauce’ behind many of California’s most well-known cannabis vaporizer lines, producing 15 to 20 percent of the total legal distillate sold in California. The company is currently accepting bids from the best brands in the state and John Figueiredo, CEO of Sisu Extracts encourages forward-looking companies to act quickly. “The vape market is constantly improving, but this market pivot is likely to be the final opportunity for brands to grab market share with emerging product lines,” said Figueiredo. “Our next generation distillate lets brands go to market right now before their competitors beat them to the punch.”

To learn about Sisu’s revolutionary model, call 707-475-3833 for more information.


About Sisu Extracts

Sisu Extracts is a full-service business solution offering testing, extraction and wholesale bulk THC distillate through in-house distribution channels. Based in Arcata, California, Sisu Extracts was founded in 2017 by an experienced team of industry veterans with a decade of extraction experience. Within the first season of extraction, Sisu Extracts processed nearly 40 tons of cannabis and created 140 million servings with high potency oils. They are the first permitted volatile extraction plant in Humboldt County and one of the first annually permitted statewide. For more information, please visit or follow us @sisu_extracts on Instagram or [email protected] also on Facebook.

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