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Lab Effects Announces Breakthrough in Cannabis Product Formulation: Water-Miscible Terpenes

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The Longest Running Cannabis Terpene Laboratory Offers New Formulation and Delivery Applications for Terpenes in Water-Based Products of Any Kind

GOLDEN, Colo., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lab Effects, the longest running terpene laboratory in the cannabis industry, has been perfecting and diversifying the application of Water-Miscible Terpenes over the past three years. The laboratory is proud to announce that the line has expanded into several improved powder and liquid versions, each designed for a specific type of food, beverage or product manufacturer. All are available on

“Previously, terpenes were only utilized in oil-based applications due to their lipophilic nature. Now they can be formulated with any water-based or alcohol recipe as well,” said Scott Holden, CEO, and Founder of Lab Effects. “Lab Effects does this through a unique micelle technology that allows us to seamlessly fold any terpene profile into a water-based product through an advanced nano-emulsified microencapsulation technique.”

Terpenes are one of the most important elements behind every successful cannabis product due to their ability to consistently control aroma, taste, and therapeutic value. Formulating products to this level of standardization keeps consumers coming back to your brand; because they can count on it.

“Now water-based products can benefit from the flavor, fragrance, and therapy that terpenes offer. We’re enabling businesses to be more creative with their product formulations,” said Holden. “The cannabis industry will be impacted, but it goes beyond that. Restaurants and bars can now infuse Water Miscible Terpenes into their menus and cocktails. Sports drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, coffee, iced tea, lemonade, the list goes on.”

Lab Effects offers manufacturers the tools to set themselves apart from the competition by adding terpenes into any water-based formulation they can dream up. More information can be found on Browse their extensive collection of pure isolated terpenes and blends (both cannabis-derived and botanical) at Sales inquiries can be made via telephone at 720.524.6369.

About Lab Effects:

Lab Effects is the premier and trusted source for botanical profiling, extraction, purification and custom formulation of 100% natural terpenes. Located in Golden, Colorado, the lab’s interest in natural terpenes is centered around its diverse application in flavoring products and for their known medicinal properties. Their services are used by the industry’s leading product manufacturers and they’re winning awards.

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Phone: 720 524 6369
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