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MedPharm Holdings Develops Innovative Cannabinoid Infused Dissolvable Oral Strip

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DENVER– MedPharm Holdings announced the successful formulation and development of micro-emulsified, cannabis-infused, dissolvable thin strips “Melts,” powered with their proprietary Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formulation (LEAF) technology. The oral strip is unique in that it microencapsulates cannabinoids in a water-soluble delivery system. This comes on the heels of a major announcement from publicly traded Medicine Man Technologies (MDCL) to acquire MedPharm Holdings, LLC.

“Melts” is a dissolvable oral thin strip (similar to Listerine Pocketpaks) that allows for a consistent and exact cannabis dose, which isn’t available through smoking or vaping cannabis directly. When combined with micro-emulsification of cannabinoids into a water-soluble substrate, “Melts” also avoids some issues created by oral cannabis dosing, such as delayed onset, which can lead to users taking too much cannabis. “Melts” will allow consumers to more easily self-regulate their dose. “Melts” will be available as both a microdose and a higher THC dose, with varying ratios of THC, CBD and terpene profiles for consumer needs.

“Our formulation team, led by Scott Karolchyk, MS, RPh, continues to come up with new, innovative and effective dosage forms that consumers appreciate. This is just the beginning, but it showcases the capabilities of the MedPharm team,” Albert Gutierrez, MedPharm CEO, says. “It also enhances the precision and reproducibility of dosage forms that we will be able to provide for clinical trials.”

MedPharm will deliver a great tasting, rapid-onset product, manufactured under GMP conditions. This convenient dosage form will be popular with consumers who want a discreet, but rapid, dose of cannabinoids, allowing for easier consumption throughout the day. MedPharm plans to begin production of Melts in Q3 2019, sold in both a single pack and a multi-pack.

About MedPharm

MedPharm is a phytopharmaceutical and intellectual property holding company that has been created to develop innovative cannabis products, using accepted pharmaceutical formulation techniques, to reliably produce identifiable and replicable dosage forms for human use. MedPharm leads the industry in developing products to improve the human condition and better the lives of those who suffer from disease. The MedPharm facility has the only cannabis research license in the United States.

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