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CEID Consulting, LLC., Offers Professional Extraction Consulting Service to Hemp/Cannabis Manufacturers in the US and Canada.

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SAN DIEGO, CA., January 15, 2019 — Today, CEID Consulting, LLC announces that they are now offering their professional extraction consulting service to hemp and cannabis manufactures in the US and Canada. Owners Shane Smith and Chad Hurst are cannabis and hemp extraction experts and will travel to your lab in order to walk you through “the process” that you request.

CEID Consulting, LLC can help any lab or cannabis manufacturing facility become efficient in butane and propane processing, winterizing, decarboxylating, degumming, short path and wiped film distillation, filtration, bleaching, pesticide remediation, chromatography, ethanol extraction, and cannnabinoid isolation.

Shane and Chad currently work with a number of hemp and marijuana businesses across the US. Chad added, “We are cannabis consultants. We have been in the industry for 8 years. We help cannabis and hemp extraction facilities with performing efficiently and can assist any company in development of their products.”

To learn more visit or call (619) 608-0083 ABOUT CEID CONSULTING, LLC

CEID Consulting, pronounced ‘seed’, is a San Diego consulting company that was started by

Shane Smith and Chad Hurst who broke into the industry as a delivery service in 2011. They quickly realized their hearts were in the process of extraction.

CEO Shane Smith explains, “I can’t even begin to tally the amount of hours we have spent researching all the various aspects of cannabis and cannabis extraction such as: cannabis plants, cannabis extracts, infusion, stabilization, terpenes, terpenoids, cannabinoids, flavonoids, solvents, extraction techniques, extraction system design and efficiencies, lipids, decarboxylation, remediation, winterization, isolation, post process, what machines to buy, incompatible processing materials, etc. We took hundreds of failures on the nose to finally get something right, only to start all over for a new product.”

Through hard work, hands on experience, and their passion for chemistry and engineering Shane and Chad realize their true calling, which is to perfect their methods and to make their extraction process as efficient as possible.

To inquire about a service please call CEID Consulting, LLC, or use the contact page on their website found here.


Shane Smith / Chad Hurst (619) 608-0083

Source: CEID Consulting, LLC


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