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710N 7ABS and Pure Greens Present Delta-8 Product Line

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SALIDA, Colo., Oct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Greens proudly introduces the newest member of our Family of Brands:  710N 7ABS!  710N founder Rick Rabon, M.D. has mastered the isolation and concentration of the Delta-8 compound to the extent that it is a high potency, water clear and high viscosity solution.  The initial launch of 710N Brands will consist of the Delta-8 DX cartridge as well as the Delta-8/Delta-9 compound cartridge, the DLX.

The DX cartridge will provide the user a unique consumption experience.  While Delta-8 runs analogous to Delta-9 there are some key differences.  Users will first notice a unique absence of color as pure Delta-8 is a clear compound without color or flavor.  710N adds its proprietary strain specific natural terpenes (from GATACAGEN catalogue) to give the DX solution a distinguished piquant pine flavor.  The high of the DX solution begins as a cooling effect starting from the back of the head slowly moving toward the eyes.  A clear-headed effect that lends itself to creativity, an energetic body, focus and overall wellness without any sense of paranoia or couch effect.   After initial inhale, it will be a little slower to absorb, it takes effect up to 15 minutes after consumption, then…  ROAR!

The DLX 710N cartridge is a broad-spectrum blend of Delta-8 and Delta-9.  This cartridge will be more familiar to experienced THC distillate and concentrate consumers.  Post distillation 710N compounds Delta-8 and Delta-9 in a broad-spectrum solution and includes the same terpene rich profile as the DX solution.  The DLX color maintains the clarity of DX but with the addition of Delta-9 takes on a golden hue.  The effects of DLX combine the clarity high of the Delta-8 compound with the more traditional euphoria that is associated with Delta-9 distillates.  The sensation is overwhelming joy!

The packaging and hardware that 710N incorporates consists of the Reaktor battery and the beautiful multifunctioning KORE cartridge.  The Li-ion rechargeable battery is preset to the optimal temperature for the DX and DLX solutions and is unmistakably 710N branded with black/gold and white/gold options.  The KORE cartridge is equipped with an adjustable twist action carb, a full ceramic core, oil membrane filtration and a thick-wall Quartz reservoir.  This will allow for adjustable dosage strength while preventing seepage, cracking or pressure leaks (should the user wish to adjust their altitude ;).

710N will be available for recreational purchase starting on 10/25/18 exclusively at Mile High Green Cross 852 North Broadway, Denver, CO.  Wider release to the CO recreational market will follow soon!


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