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Prime Sunshine, Charlotte, NC’s First Cannabidiol (CBD) Dispensary and Corporate Sales Office Opens

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Prime Sunshine, the first hemp company and CBD brand in Charlotte, NC, announced today the opening of the city’s first CBD dispensary and office. The office includes a small dispensary and showroom for wholesale customers, hemp re-education, private consultations and a corporate office for national product sales. Ellen Tacher, CEO and Founder, started Prime Sunshine CBD after realizing the many positive impacts on her health. She believed that she could help countless other business owners grow by offering their products for resale, and help consumers who live with pain, anxiety, and other health issues attain a higher quality of life and reduce their dependence on prescription drugs — including opioids and narcotics.

David Rachlin, a senior marketing executive and graduate of Yale College with an MBA from Wharton Business School, is COO of Prime Sunshine. Rachlin stated: “Our products proudly display the Queen City on all of our labels, and are being sold in retail store locations, medical offices, through distributors and online at We’ve watched countless chiropractic practices, physical therapists, pain clinics and pharmacies grow their new patient base by offering our CBD pain cream and oils.  Despite zero dollars spent on advertising, consumer demand for pure high quality rigorously tested hemp products can sometimes be overwhelming. Prime Sunshine has developed a marketing program to help other businesses grow revenue from CBD sales while helping people at the same time — I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

Tacher explains, “Prime Sunshine’s Products are derived from industrial hemp.  It’s taken a while to be accepted in the conservative south, and even though it’s hemp, it’s been a long hard road due to its most distant cousin. But with the recent events in Canada and around the country, North Carolina has finally taken steps to support our industry. Industrial hemp is naturally low in THC which is removed from the plant. CBD provides a therapeutic medicinal effect.  Prime Sunshine’s hemp plants are grown organically in Kentucky on a 200-year old hemp farm, considered one of the nation’s premier producers of hemp.  Scores of Prime Sunshine users in Charlotte and around the nation who have lived with debilitating pain, say their lives have literally been transformed: they live with much less pain or are now pain free, sleeping better with reduced anxiety levels.”

For many years the use of hemp oil was deemed controversial, as it was mistakenly misunderstood to be marijuana. Hemp is a completely different plant. Due to increased awareness and popularity of CBD oil, now civil society and elected officials increasingly realize the difference between the two plants. Hemp is often used in industrial applications, such as clothing and textiles.

Tacher stated, “I did not expect this business to grow so fast. We are now hiring more staff to keep up with the growing demand for Prime Sunshine. Many of our customers are spreading the word about the positive effects of Prime Sunshine, which is increasing sales exponentially. The response has been phenomenal. Our phone rings all day and night with business owners who want to stock and sell our products, and with consumers from all over the U.S. and around the world who inquire and want to know more about Prime Sunshine and how it can help them. Most end up buying the CBD oil, and become part of a rapidly growing and loyal customer base.”

Prime Sunshine ships products throughout the United States, Europe, Israel, China, the UK and Canada, and is recognized for its seed to sale, chain of custody, farm fresh, rigorously third-party tested oils offered online with buy one get one half off. Tacher says, “We offer this ongoing discount because so many of our customers live on disability, fixed incomes, make minimum wage or are unable to work.  We try to help as many people as possible; at the end of the day we are in this to help people feel better, and consumers appreciate the thoughtful approach. It’s a very exciting and fulfilling time in our state and business to be a part of affecting so many people’s lives.”

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