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Ayurvedic-Influenced Luxury Line of CBD Body Care Products Offer Balanced Beauty Inside and Out

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L’eela: Rooted in a Philosophy of Integrity, Purpose and the Elevation of Spirit

DENVER—September 18, 2018—As demand for cannabidiol (CBD) surges and products flood the market, health-conscious consumers need products they can trust. New CBD body care line L’eela sets a higher standard for integrity with itscollection of responsibly sourced hemp-derived CBD supplements and natural topical products.

L’eela, developed by experts with deep backgrounds in sustainable cannabis production and ancient healing practices, puts wellness and purpose at the core of its mission.

Available online and in select retail locations, L’eela was created to elevate CBD products through ayurvedic principles. The line was developed specifically for consumers mindful of what they put in and on their body. L’eela products prioritize the use of therapeutic-grade oils with customized formulations and natural ingredient pairings.

The new brand is the brainchild of co-CEO Amy Andrle, owner of the boutique Denver cannabis dispensary L’Eagle Services, and co-CEO and formulation specialist Lisa Richards, an ayurvedic and yoga practitioner.

“I have been a devotee of CBD and whole-plant cannabis products ever since I discovered how effective they can be in recovery and healing after workouts and in treating fitness-related injuries,” Ms. Richards said. “And because I use these products religiously—and make my own—I knew there was room in this space for a luxe and ethical brand for people who obsess over oils and ingredients and details as much as I do.”

Ms. Andrle’s experience founding L’Eagle—a Colorado cannabis dispensary and cultivation focused on sustainably cultivated and organically grown cannabis—nearly a decade ago proved indispensable in the development of L’eela products. The L’Eagle brand has become synonymous with authenticity and transparency, featuring Clean Green and Certifiably Green Denver certifications. The credibility of the brand, paired with Ms. Richards’ experience in product development, help distinguish L’eela among the sea of CBD products available in the marketplace.

“L’Eagle is trusted to deliver organically grown cannabis, and drawing upon that experience to branch out into the CBD beauty space was something that interested me very much,” Ms. Andrle said. “As the health and cosmetic benefits of CBD products become more well-known, we know L’eela offers something totally unique while also having a tangible, positive impact on our customers’ lives and well-being.”

Andrle and Richards will participate in this week’s CBD Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center (Sept. 21-22). Andrle will be a part of the panel The Science has Spoken: What We’ve Learned from CBD Research on Friday, Sept. 21, at 10:15am. She will discuss the obstacles she has faced in conducting R&D for L’eela product blends and how to address and prevent these problems, as well as how to educate consumers. L’eela’s high-quality, small-batch formulations are safe, clean, green and effective, which is why continuing ingredient research is vital. Andrle and Richards will also conduct a CBD in Topicals demonstration to show how they formulate their products on the Expo Floor on Friday, Sept. 21, at 1:00pm.

The L’eela line includes:

  • L’eela Vital Hydrating Oil (100+mg CBD): Our “everything and everywhere” product. This multi-tasker works wonders for hair, body and face, and is loaded with fast absorbing marula, apricot, sweet almond and Vitamin E oils. The superhero antioxidant power of CBD helps support and protect the body from free radicals. Essential oils of sandalwood, frankincense, geranium and lavender leave you smelling like you just left the spa.
  • L’eela Radiant Face Serum (100+mg CBD): A beautifully rich and moisturizing face oil without any greasiness. Thanks to marula oil, this luxurious serum absorbs quickly to give skin a radiant glow. Olive Squalane (also known as ‘Mother Nature’s facelift’) softens skin, improves elasticity and helps skin maintain moisture. Antioxidant-strong CBD gives the product anti-wrinkle and antioxidant powers, while rosehip and Vitamin E help improve skin tone and fight environmental damage. Plant based and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps seal moisture, correct and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Choice sandalwood and rose essential oils, both of which have anti wrinkle properties, help keep skin looking young while providing a relaxing scent. Use it alone on clean skin, under moisturizer or whenever extra moisture is needed.
  • L’eela Pain Remedy Rub (250mg CBD): Loaded with premium Colorado CBD, this cure-all pain emollient rub helps to relieve muscle and joint pain by stimulating our bodies’ endocannabinoid system and aiding with inflamation and soreness. Apply liberally to areas of swelling, aches or pain.
  • L’eela CBD Capsule (300mg/10mg per capsule) These easy and convenient vegan capsules are daily CBD supplements meant to nourish your body from the inside supporting calm demeanor, enhanced muscle and joint repair and recuperation. CBD is sourced from organic farms in Colorado and Kentucky.
  • L’eela CBD Tincture (500mg CBD per 30mL bottle, approx. 25mg per dose): L’eela CBD tincture offers concentrated support and immediate relief for a variety of ailments.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawna McGregor, Grasslands, at 917-971-7852 or [email protected].

About Lisa Richards

Lisa Richards is co-CEO and formulation scientist for L’eela. Ms. Richards began investigating natural health alternatives when she developed severe allergies in her late 30s that jeopardized her fitness-rooted lifestyle as a yoga instructor. She gained an appreciation for the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) and whole-plant cannabis products when she used them to aid recovery and healing from her own injuries. Ms. Richards has spent several years blending her own oils using the life-balancing philosophy of Ayurveda, which is a perfect complement to the Vinyasa yoga she has taught since 2000. In her practice, she has worked with pro athletes, TV personalities, preschoolers and everyone in between.

About Amy Andrle

Amy Andrle is co-CEO of L’eela and a longtime cannabis business leader setting industry standards for clean cultivation and sustainability. She is owner  of esteemed dispensary L’Eagle Services, one of Colorado’s most respected and top-awarded cannabis businesses, known for organic cultivation methods, responsible pesticide use, sustainable business practices and strict industry compliance. Cannabis Business Executive named Ms. Andrle as a 2017 Most Important Woman in Cannabis. She is a member of the City of Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group and a founding board member of the Cannabis Certification Council.

About L’eela

L’eela is a line of artisan supplements and luxury body care products that feature the wellness benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). All L’eela products are non-psychoactive, formulated with pure and organically produced ingredients, and made with hemp that is grown and processed in the USA. L’eela puts sustainability at the forefront of its ingredient sourcing and manufacturing. For more information, visit

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