What To Do If Your New Cannabis Packaging Is “Completely” Wrong?!

Written by Joe

Prevent Cannabis Packaging Challenges Before You Have To Deal With Everything Gone Wrong

Before you panic and lose your rational “thinking” mind, take a few moments and breath. THINK. What happened? Who’s to blame? What when wrong?

  • Graphic?
  • Color?
  • Typography?
  • Font?
  • Logo?
  • Box doesn’t fold properly?
  • Poor quality material breaking easily?
  • Written copy typo or legal language?
  • Additional required marks needed last minute?
  • Imagery off?
  • Style?
  • Budget?
  • Something else?

These are a few questions that might be KNOCKING around your currently grinding brain. You may have just spent a large amount of money on your cannabis packaging only to have it go 100% wrong. AND WORST PART. You needed this order YESTERDAY!

What do you do in a situation like this? Should you figure out who to blame? Or. Is it a wiser “entrepreneurial” approach to instantly take full responsibility and begin discovering solutions? Let’s consider.

Wisdom throughout the ages tells us if we take total responsibility, only then, do you have complete power and control. If it’s not your fault then you have no power to correct course. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may have to bite the bullet and deal with the consequences. BUT! Before you find yourself in a frustrating position, would it be wise to invest a bit more time in preparation?

If we listen to Ben Franklin wisdom, he says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a POUND of the cure.” How can we take this wisdom and apply it to cannabis packaging? And the answer is preparation.

Measure Twice & Cut Once. Or. Measure Once & Cut Twice?

What sounds more practical and wise? If you only want to do the work once, you’ll make sure you do proper research into the cannabis packaging design process. Are you designing your cannabis packaging or are you hiring a company? How do you know the cannabis packaging company you choose will deliver the results you desire, at the time you desire to have it, with the quality they promise?

As soon as you’ve tracked down your potential cannabis print shop, the very first thing you should do is pay them a visit. Being there in person gives you an advantage because you get to actually touch and feel the materials you might want to use. If you can’t be there in person, get as many samples along the way as you physically can.

While you’re there, you might ask for advice about the requirements of your cannabis packaging. Take into account the required sturdiness of your cannabis packaging. How much does your product weight? What are some Common Problems With Cannabis Packaging that you might not even be aware of, yet?

Your Print Shop Will Be Able To Help You With The Finalized Polish For Your Cannabis Packaging.

The cannabis packaging design process can be a strict process and has a lot of moving pieces. What do you do if you JUST finished printing your cannabis packaging and the laws change? The law NOW requires you to put another little logo on your packaging for legal reasons. What do you do!?

Can You Reuse Your Cannabis Packaging? Or. Do You Have To Start Over From Scratch?

Good news is there are always options! Say focus on BELIEVING there’s a solution to overcoming your cannabis packaging challenges and many will be found. Before you encounter these problems, make sure you’ve done the “preventative” research. Reputable cannabis packaging companies deal with issues like this every day. They are there to help see you through the design process.

Before you commit to mass production, follow the wisdom of Ben Franklin.

  • Get a printed version of your working prototype before mass printing.
  • Make sure you have all the appropriate information.
  • Always make sure you’re “foreseeing” future changing in legislation.
  • Have a backup plan and a separate little budget set aside for potential unknowns.
  • Allow extra space for promo stickers, barcodes, symbols, etc.

Only you have the power to make sure your cannabis packaging comes out the way you imagined. When you decide to take full responsibility in transforming your desires into its physical equivalent.

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