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Do You Need To Post All Lab Tested Results On Your Cannabis Packaging?

Written by Joe

Do All Cannabis Products Even Need To Be Tested, Let Alone Posting The Results On The Label.

As the cannabis industry matures and moves into a “state” of FULL on legalization. We begin to notice changes. These changes can be small or BIG, depending on the new official laws of the land.

With a dividing line between recreational and medical cannabis making an appearance. How do you keep track of what the politicians are doing? When a law changes, do they send you a letter and politely inform you of their recent updates? Or. Is “ignorance of the law” not tolerate, no matter how the law comes into being?

Recently, The Laws Have Been Getting Tighter & More Strict With Lab Tested Results On Your Cannabis Packaging.

Regulations are increasing as awareness of the cannabis industry continues to evolve. Whenever we hear stories of cannabis potentially harming someone, what do we do?

Do we ignore real news and brush it off by saying, “cannabis can DO NO HARM!? Truth is, if the cannabis is organic and tested from a proper lab, you can be safe with saying cannabis can do no real harm. As we dig deeper into the issues the cannabis industry faces, we begin to notice interesting things.

As of this moment, there’s a lot of legal cannabis sold that’s been grown by WHOEVER. When was the last time you bought legal cannabis and you knew the name of the grower? If you don’t know who grew it, do you at least know “how” it was grown?

Does Your Dispensary Require ALL Lab Tested Results On Your Cannabis Packaging To Prove Results?

And the answer is, most legal cannabis consumed doesn’t get lab tested for “bad stuff” because the testing equipment is expensive. (Costing $600,000+ for cannabis lab testing equipment!)

Even if your cannabis is getting tested, do all labs yield the same results? A Forbes article reveals that not all labs are created equally. Some labs are a “friendly” to the cannabis industry and will reject fewer products. While other labs, such as Analytical360, have premium testing for more accurate results.

How Do You Know If Your Cannabis Is Getting Premium Lab Testing To Include; Mold, Pests, Pesticides, Etc?

Just because a brand “says” they’re lab tested, are these results coming from a “cheap” lab or a reputable lab who test for; bugs, fungi, mold, bud rot, etc? Does your lab test your cannabis products beyond how much THC & CBD is present? While these deeper questions remain a tad obscure, we can take a peek at how state laws force cannabis companies to lab test their products

Leafly does an excellent job of keeping us updated with Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Laws. They also go state-by-state and look at the laws for Cannabis Testing Regulations. Look for your state and see exactly what the specific laws say about posting lab tested results on your cannabis packaging. While all states don’t currently require posting premium lab test results on their products, that could soon change.

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