Top 10 Common Problem With Cannabis Packaging

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How To Get & Stay Compliant By Quickly Overcoming The Common Issues With Cannabis Packaging?

Common problems with cannabis packaging reach beyond your typical design challenges. Creating a professional look may very well be the most simplistic aspect of the cannabis packaging design process. With the current political climate, comes with it shifting winds. What is true one day, in one zip code, may be 100% different the next day in another location.

What Are The Top Common Problem You Might Run Into When Packaging Your Cannabis Products?

1. Varying Cannabis Packaging Regulations Between States
2. Evolving Cannabis Packaging Laws
3. Should Your Cannabis Packaging Look Like A Cannabis Product?
4. FDA Regulation Of Cannabis Packaging Materials
5. Childproof Cannabis Packaging
6. Can You Package Cannabis The Same Place You Grow?
7. Low Quality Cannabis Packaging
8. Cannabis Packaging Functionality
9. Can You Make Changes To Your Cannabis Packaging Without State Approval?
10. Does Your Cannabis Packaging Need To Be Resealable?

1) Varying Cannabis Packaging Regulations Between States

Cannabis packaging laws have state regulations. There are no federal laws to cast an umbrella of consistency. What one state decides is law may be 100% different in another state. If you seek to distribute your products at the national level, you’ll need to be aware of law variants.

2) Evolving Cannabis Packing Laws

Let’s say you did everything required for cannabis packaging compliance. You wake up the next day and the politicians have added MORE regulations. What do you do? Was this something you anticipated? Should there be a budget set aside to deal with the passing of new laws? Being aware that cannabis packaging laws will change will keep you ahead of the curve and safe.

3) Should Your Packaging Look Like A Cannabis Product?

In many areas, cannabis still has the “stigma” of being a DANGEROUS drug. Some patients are a little more conservative and don’t want to display their use. When designing you cannabis packaging, do you want it looking like a cannabis product? Or. Should you cannabis packaging be more inconspicuous? Depending on state law can affect how they allow your cannabis packaging to appear.

4) FDA Regulation Of Cannabis Packaging Materials

Depending on the “type” of cannabis product you create will require the use of different materials. Cannabis packaging normally consists of plastic, glass, paper, or metal. Although there are no “direct” FDA regulations for cannabis packaging. They do have to regulate the specific type of materials used in manufacturing. This is true with many medical products.

5) Childproof Cannabis Packaging

Most cannabis products must be childproof to maintain state compliance. They need to be both challenging enough to stop children from opening it. And. Easy enough for the elderly to access. A delicate balance is necessary when it comes to designing your cannabis packaging. Also important to note. Even if it’s childproof, are there any clear choking hazards?

6) Can You Package Cannabis The Same Place You Grow?

Depending on state law, this can vary. Some states can grow and package at the same location. While others need separation. Laws could affect your desire for complete vertical integration.

7) Low-Quality Cannabis Packaging

A horror story involves poor packaging requiring “scraping the bottom” of the packaging. If you have physical conditions, do you really want to be scraping the bottom to get all your money’s worth?

8) Cannabis Packaging Functionality

When it comes to packaging, cannabis brands need to begin by thinking about functionality. In design school 101, they learn form follows function. This means your cannabis packaging needs to have a useful function before making it looks pretty.

9) Can You Make Changes To Your Cannabis Packaging Without State Approval?

Once you’ve made your final cannabis packaging decision, you may not be able to make major changes without state approval. Before you decide to go all in with your decisions, take a few moments to double and triple check local laws.

10) Does Your Cannabis Packaging Need To Be Resealable?

Last few questions to consider. Does your cannabis packaging need to be resealable? Is it a single serving or not?
Bonus Cannabis Packaging Concerns
Does your state law require your to post lab tested results? Are there any “nit-picky” details to be aware of?

It’s one challenge to “get” compliant. It is a COMPLETELY different set of challenges to STAY compliant. Knowing the cannabis industry sporadically morphs and changes shapes, quite regularly, will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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