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Packaging Tips On How To Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

Written by Joe

How To Easily Avoid “Bad Habits” When Packaging Your Cannabis Products To Ensure MAXIMUM Freshness & Potency

What could POSSIBLY worse than opening up your “freshly” purchased cannabis, only to discover it’s stale? Excited you flips to MAD YOU, almost instantly! This is very frustrating because this issue could have EASILY been avoided with proper packaging. By spending an extra few moments designing quality cannabis packaging. You can skip these potential future issues.

How Do You Package Cannabis That Stays As Fresh As The Day You Wrapped It, For Retail Sale?

Our top tips lead us to focus on a few “key points” to keep your cannabis products fresh.

  • Let “ZERO” Light Penetrate Your Cannabis Packaging
  • Fill The Container ALL The Way Full With Cannabis To Reduce Oxidation.
  • Always Use Airtight (Sealed) Container To Package Your Cannabis.
  • Don’t Use Those Ziplock “Sandwich” Baggies To Package Your Cannabis
Let “ZERO” Light Penetrate Your Cannabis Packaging.

What’s wrong with light coming into contact with your cannabis? Don’t most dispensaries display their retail cannabis in clear glass/plastic jars? Don’t you want your customers to SEE how beautiful and colorful your buds are?

Light contains Ultraviolet Rays that can both burn you skin and harm your cannabis. The power of sunlight has the ability to bleach your buds as well as making the smoke more harsh. A study performed at the University of London shows how you should properly store cannabis. According to the research, “general” light exposure is the single greatest factor that resulted in a loss of cannabinoids.

If you have to use a container that lets light in, something as simple as a dark paper bag can keep your cannabis safe from harmful UV rays.

Fill The Container ALL The Way Full With Cannabis To Reduce Oxidation.

In the same London study, they say temperature (up to 68° F) didn’t affect the cannabis in a measurable way. What ended up being MORE of a problem was air oxidation, which lead to large losses. This problem was EASILY avoided by “well filling” the container and by closing it tight.

The empty space allows more oxygen to cause oxidation damage to your cannabis. With all this air, also brings with it, unwanted heat and whatever humidity is in the air. To top it off, extra air can also attract ambient mold and mildew floating around in your environment.

Always Use Airtight (Sealed) Container To Package Your Cannabis.

Cannabis edibles are a “food product” and may need to follow local food safety laws. Air tight seals not only keep your cannabis fresh, it also prevents bacteria and other foreign contaminants from invading.

Don’t Use Those Ziplock “Sandwich” Baggies To Package Your Cannabis

When you buy cannabis flowers at your dispensary, the normal storage container used are plastic baggies. Quite possibly the absolute WORST way to store, and preserve, your cannabis is with these plastic bags.

Why are plastic bags a bad method for packaging cannabis?

Plastic bags have a static electricity charge that TEARS the trichomes off your bud. They do very little, if any, to protect your cannabis from light, air, heat, cold, moisture, or other POTENT aromas from invading and contaminating. This creates a sticky mess that prevents you from using ALL your cannabis. If the cannabis you’re buying is delivered to you in this manner. It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring your own empty “glass” container.

Bonus Tip

Store your cannabis in a cool area, not FREEZING temperatures, but cool. Freezing your cannabis won’t maintain freshness, it will cause the trichomes to freeze and crack. Also. Keep your cannabis away from heat. Cannabis in hot environments causes it to “decarboxylate. Heating THC, before you’re ready to consume it, degrades the potency. It turns your THC in CBN, which will still help with sleeping. But. You’ll lose the psychoactive potency you probably desire.

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