Kaplan Industries

Kaplan Industries

Verified6255 Kilby Rd, Harrison, Ohio, 45030, United States
Foundation: 1959
Category: Solvents

In the Industry

In the botanical extraction industry, Kaplan is a trusted provider of:

  • Hydrocarbons (n-Butane, Isobutane, Propane);
  • CO2;
  • Custom blends (Bi-Mix and Tri-Mix).

Custom gas blends can be tailored to any specific aspects of the solvent-based extraction process, from timing to result quality.

Brand Story

Founded in 1950s by Morris and Albert Kaplan in Philadelphia, it has grown from a small independent business into an industry leader. Kaplan Industries is a family-owned business, with current leadership under the second generation of the Kaplan family. Now led by Dean and Rita Kaplan, the company operates from a 16-acre campus in Harrison, Ohio, with several distribution centres across the country.

Special Features

The company’s approach to quality control and cleanliness is especially notable. When any minor impurities can ruin your next batch, it’s good to know that the cylinders you get are properly washed and sealed before the delivery.

Full Line-Up

  • Industrial cylinders with working pressures ranging from 240 PSI to 6000 PSI;
  • Acetylene cylinders, automatic filling system for precise fills;
  • Medical aluminum cylinders, 6061 alloy for strength and durability;
  • Aluminum cylinders for industrial and specialty gas applications;
  • CO2 aluminum cylinders for the extraction and beverage industry.


Kaplan Industries is capable of delivering hydrocarbons regardless of the scale of your botanical extraction operation (with medium and large-scale facilities probably positioned best to benefit from the company’s processes).


  • Pre-packaged or made-to-order
  • Custom blends
  • Made for 99.5%+ Instrumental purity
  • Proprietary “Kaplan Wash”
  • LP5, LP239, Half Ton cylinders

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