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Food Fight: The Battle to Infuse Everything

Written by Nicholas Demski

Can you defeat the urge to consume these unique cannabis edibles?

I once ate an underwater snail in Hong Kong.

About the size of my fist, I wasn’t quite sure what it was. A bland brown color, it shined like a hard-boiled egg and had tiny protrusions budding from its flat bottom. Graciously accepting the plate from my daughter’s grandmother, I took a bite to test what I was eating. A bit chewy, meaty, and salty, it reminded me of a large Portobello mushroom. Several bites in, I kept imaging that was what I was eating. Then, I got the news: it’s a slug. My stomach turned, not at the taste, but the thought. A few more bites and I was full.

If you’re keen to try something new, you might not always know what to expect. Here are a few, lesser-known types of cannabis-infused edibles. Thankfully, none of them are infused snails. But I’m sure someone will get started on that ASAP. It’s just too easy to cook with cannabis these days.

  1. Beef Jerky

My favorite childhood snack has become a seductive treat to adults seeking tasty cannabis. A fair warning when consuming cannabis-infused jerky: it’s hard to stop eating. Be ready for the meat sweats right before you drift off to a meaty, psychedelic experience.

  1. Cotton Candy

The treat that has driven children bonkers since 1897 is now a desirable option for adult cannabis users. This funky floss is probably more difficult to measure than the beef jerky, and its sweet allure makes it hard to put down. Consume with caution.

  1. Cereal

Who eats only one bowl of cereal? I would if the bowl was the size of the head. If you’re going after a bowl of cannabis cereal though, you might want to stop at one serving size to have a productive day. Especially if you’re pairing it with a breakfast drink.

  1. Coffee

This is perhaps the greatest invention of all-time. Outclassing the iPhone, the rocket ship, and Boyan Slat’s, The Ocean Cleanup Project, cannabis-infused coffee is a life-saver, a bliss-maker, and a steamy cup of healing joy.

A Treat for Taste Buds

These unique cannabis edibles might not have been on your list before, but go ahead and be a kid again. Enjoy your cannabis cereal, wrap your beef jerky with cotton candy, but just remember that you have to grow up sometime.

So, go get your cannabis-infused coffee and get to work.

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Nicholas Demski

Nicholas Demski's latest venture is TheCannabiologist.com. He's a poet, author, cannabis writer, and budding entrepreneur. You can follow his travels with his daughter on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram @TheSingleDadNoma