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THC Concentrate Potency Versus Cannabis Flower

Written by Asia Mayfield

Cannabis concentrates are taking over the market, and for good reason. People who want the most powerful cannabis experience, either for medicinal reasons or personal enjoyment, need more than flower. Concentrates are significantly more potent, hence the name concentrates. Dispensaries now sell extracts with THC percentages over 90%. Top tier cannabis flowers rarely test over 25%.

Concentrates are created by stripping away cannabis plant material, leaving a rich substance made up of almost entirely of cannabinoids. High quality concentrates are tested by accredited laboratories, which ensures that the product is safe for immuno-compromised patients. Unfortunately, that means that the products are often extremely expensive. Cannabis isn’t covered by insurance policies.

Cannabis flowers, obviously, are also beneficial for medicinal patients. Some people actually prefer the lower THC content. Most THC-based concentrates have an intense psychoactive effect that might be too much for some consumers. That’s partly why even some experienced cannabis users are intimidated by concentrates.

There are other options. Some dispensaries offer CBD-only concentrates. Consuming the product won’t get you high, but it might relieve some medical ailments. Patients report that pain, anxiety, and other problems have all been improved by CBD use.

According to Europe PMC: “Data indicate that males and females access MC (medical cannabis) at approximately the same rate, with similar median authorization times. Although the majority of patient records documented significant symptom alleviation with MC, major treatment access and delivery barriers remain.”
The U.S. government’s harsh view toward cannabis is depriving countless patients of potential relief. People who are using cannabis medicinally shouldn’t have to guess if they would prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles. They should be guided by a trained medical professional.

Until that happens, however, people are stuck with the trial and error method. Concentrates are indeed stronger but they may not be the best choice for you.

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Asia Mayfield

Asia Mayfield is a freelance writer who focuses on the cannabis industry. She can be reached at [email protected]