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Written by Caleb Summeril

As the cannabis extract business continues to boom, so does the rise of new and innovative entrepreneurial endeavors to match this market’s expansion. Mobile extraction labs are becoming more common as business owners look for creative solutions to meet demand and avoid the high costs and steady upkeep of building their own facilities. A growing number of savvy and experienced extraction technicians-turned-business owners now offer solutions for growers and distributors to obtain high-quality extracts through time- and cash-saving services.

Typical extraction techniques and methods can be expensive and complicated to set up. In addition to the necessary equipment, any new laboratory must pay careful attention to meet safety requirements and other regulations to abide by legal parameters in their state. This can be quite a head-ache for many cannabis growers and retailers.

Mobile extraction labs such as FlexMod Solutions offer both mobile and modular labs that can be hired or purchased. Modules such as these are built off-site and then delivered to the business in need, where raw product can be converted into extract efficiently. The units can be customized to meet individual needs or ordered pre-made in compliant and fully functional formations.

Services provided by mobile laboratories can include raw plant preparation, CO2 and BHO extractions and filtration, and more. Companies like MariJ Pharmaceuticals claim their instruments process up to 250 liters in 4.5 hours. They offer these services with only a 2-day lead time and boast 97.8% oil grade, making it an easy option to obtain quality extract quickly.

A clear advantage to hiring a mobile extraction service is the ability to increase output while maintaining fixed overhead costs and the elimination of other variables involved with construction such as repairs and utilities. Building an extraction laboratory from the ground up can cost in excess of $300,000, creating a very real barrier to entry for those looking to create and/or sell extracts and extract-based products. Mobile extraction labs bypass this issue by offering a unique and in-demand service that is reliable and more affordable than other options. This reduction in total cost of business ownership is a clear market advantage for those on both sides and an exciting glimpse of the progress being made in technology and business models within the cannabis extraction sector.

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