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How to Choose a Vape Pen

Written by Caleb Summeril

When it comes to choosing a vape pen the options can be overwhelming. Skyrocketing popularity of these convenient and portable devices has made them a favorite choice among cannabis consumers for ease of use and even potential health benefits over smoking.[1] With so many offerings available across the marketplace, it is easy to be inundated with new products and features. The best choice in a vape pen really comes down to personal preference. However, here is a look into a few factors and features that can help direct a quality decision.

Pick Your Product

Vape pens essentially come in two forms – pens designed to burn e-liquids and oils and pens fabricated for dry material and concentrates. Pens intended for e-liquids and oils are composed of a tank to hold the vaping liquid and a coil or atomizer as the heating system. This style more resembles the ‘pen’ moniker and is usually small and sleek in design.Dry material, i.e. plant matter, and concentrate pens will have a chamber to hold the vaping product and are generally larger in size.

With these two distinctions in mind, other options based on functionality emerge. Some pens are simple, non-refillable designs where a user simply inhales, however often, until the product is used up and the pen can be discarded. Others are refillable and rechargeable, enabling a user to change variety and waste less. Some pens are activated on the inhale while others involve pressing a button to initiate the heating element. Some units even have temperature control.

Factors to Consider

All vape pens are powered by a battery with the vast majority being lithium-ion based. A larger battery will hold a longer charge but will also be bulkier in design. Smaller batteries will have less charge but be slimmer in size. Battery recharging style can also differ but is simple and similar to a cellphone with USB-, wall-, and car-charging options.

The heating unit of a vape pen is another consideration and is almost always separated into two methods – conduction or convection. Conduction styles place the heating element in direct contact with the vaping material. This results in the creation of immediate vapor but can also lead to potential loss of small amounts of product. Convection style vape pens heat the product in a chamber without direct contact between material and heating element. This can create more control over the temperature and reduce wasted vapor but also usually means a more expensive and larger overall sized unit.

It’s hard to say which style is objectively best. Rather, decide for yourself which features appeal most to you, and make your decision based on that.


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