Are Cannabis Users Cognitively Challenged? A Cannabis Concentrate Mind Game

Written by Nicholas Demski

A fun article to learn interesting facts about the cannabis plant and the industry surrounding it.

Cheetah’s run so fast because they bend their spine like a spring and explode off each stride. Fact.

For their body size, fleas jump higher than any animals on Earth. For the human equivalent, it’d be like jumping over sky scrapers. Fact.

Whales and dolphins descended from a coastal cousin to dogs and wolves. Fact.

Dolphins eat underwater cannabis?


I love interesting animal facts; they give the world a pop of anthropomorphic fun!

Figure 1. Cheetah spine, mid-spring. See the curvature?

You might not enjoy them like I do, but you will enjoy this fun game: Cannabis Concentrates: Fact or Fiction!


Save your answers to see your results at the end.

  1. Cannabis concentrates are known as CBD. Fact or Fiction?
  2. Cannabis concentrates content is 100% pure cannabinoids. Fact or Fiction?
  3. Whole-plant concentrates are ALWAYS recommended for recreation. Fact or Fiction?
  4. Hemp concentrates have less cannabinoids and terpenes than cannabis ones.Fact or Fiction?
  5. The cannabis industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Fact or Fiction?
  6. The cannabis Black Market still exists in the United States. Fact or Fiction?
  7. Cannabis users can’t buy guns. Fact or Fiction?

Memorize the awesome animal facts I gave you above to blow some geeks’ minds. Check out the answers below to see how you did on our game. What other interesting cannabis facts do you know?


  1. CBD is a compound that is popular in concentrate form.
  2. While some concentrates tout concentration levels up to 99% pure, all concentrates contain trace amounts of other constituents due to the difficulty of extracting and isolating plant compounds.1
  3. Concentrate preference is highly subjective. Whole plant concentrates are recommended when medicinal effect is sought via the entourage effect.
  4. Hemp contains farless and far fewer cannabinoids and terpenes by dry weight than cannabis; however, hemp’sactive compounds can be readily concentrated.2
  5. It’s currently a multi-BILLION dollar industry in the United States alone, and worldwide legalization would push that number into the 13-digit range.
  6. The Black Market for cannabis still exists, even in states with recreational cannabis laws. As long as there are places where cannabis can’t be legally sold, people will find ways to get their bud.
  7. If you’re a registered medical cannabis user in your state, you’re not going to pass a federal background check to buy a firearm.


  1. Thomas and Pollard, “Extraction, Isolation, and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Plants’ Extracts”, AJTCAM, 2011, Volume 8(1).
  2. Andre et al. “Cannabis sativa: The Plant of the Thousand and One Molecules”. Frontiers in Plant Science. 2016, 7:19. doi:10.3389/fpls.2016.00019.

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