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Concentration 2019

It’s said that Pala, California was once a gathering place for Native American tribes. I’d like to think that this meant trading, comradery, education, networking, and perhaps a few puffs of a passing pipe. So, what better town for Concentration 2019, the first conference of the year sponsored by Terpenes and Testing and Extraction Magazines, for this gathering will offer those same advantageous and strategic aspects associated with times long gone.

We’ve witnessed an evolution in this industry as quick, and sometimes as erratic, as a sighted UFO. In a few short years, many in the industry have graduated from rather short-sighted, high-THC only cravings, to something more representative of the mesmerizing cannabis plant. These days, terpenes are the life of the party, continuously recognized for their medicinal properties, and cherished for their fragrant vapors. Farmers and manufacturers exhibit resilient dedication to providing ethically grown cannabis and its myriad of pesticide-free, solvent-free, and toxin-free extracts and concentrates, respectively.

Any industry will evolve over time, but our industry has often seemed to stretch out the horizon just a bit further, sometimes seemingly beyond reach. What’s really fascinating is the promptly heightened technological innovation and scientific acumen of those embedded in the industry, perhaps paralleling humanity’s lust over next-generation technology. While already established industries will still see change, many of them have had long-established masonry. The Canna Brick Road to the future of this industry is still being laid, one green brick at a time.

This type of growth requires frequent, collaborative communication. After all, legalized cannabis is no longer a Californian, Coloradan, or Washingtonian thing. It’s an Earth thing. And as more people come to their senses, concomitantly to enhance their senses, that results in lots of nascent people in need of trustworthy, real information. From consumer, to producer, to the sentinels of cannabis testing that ensure products are safe, everyone needs information.

So come join T&T and EM, along with our Keynote Speakers Frenchy Cannoli and John MacKay, Ph.D., and gather with your colleagues to celebrate and pay homage to the cannabis plant and release your inner-nerd at thecool science and technology that are now synonymous with it. In addition to seminars by leading industry experts and lively panel discussions regarding integral, relevant issues, representatives of prominent technology providers will be showcasing their latest innovations, and how they can help cannabis businesses best sharpen their strategies.

We’ll meet you at the Pala Casino Resort and Spa on May 30-31, 2019.Yeah…that’s right. You can educate and rejuvenate.

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Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D.