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Written by Caleb Summeril

Convenient and Health Conscious Consumption

Pods are quickly becoming a favorite among consumers due to the convenience, portability and potential health benefits these handy and easy to use cartridges offer when paired with a compatible vaporizer. A growing demand for alternative and effortless consumption methods has driven tech behind these units to where they now fit in a pocket and last for weeks on a single charge. The availability of quality cannabis extracts coupled with a painless puff experience make pods a choice worth exploring.

The evolution of these small cannabis oil containers has come a long way in recent years with many companies offering their own blends and reusable vaporizers. Heylo is a leading supplier of CO2 extracted pods and their pairing PAX ERA device allows users to control the temperature to their liking for customized dosing. These nifty little units are Bluetooth enabled, app controlled and have a 1-year warranty – making them a reliable and personalized option for pod use.  Bloom Farms is another provider of high quality, clean extracted cannabis oil pods with an assortment of selections to suit varietal or potency likings. These pods are also specific to the PAX ERA and Bloom has an array of single origin options to choose from.

There are many available options but it’s important to note that unlike coffee pods, cannabis pods most often need to be paired with a matching vaporizing device to work properly. Extraction methods for the oil inside of cannabis pods can also vary with supercritical CO2 and butane being the most common solvents for the process.

While often more convenient than traditional methods of consumption, using pods and vaporizing, in general, has also been shown to be healthier than smoking.1 Having control over the temperature can prevent or reduce the formation deleterious combustion by-products. The ideal temperature for health and flavor is said to be 475°F – low on the vaporization scale but easily attainable with any quality device with a temperature control feature.

Pods allow for easy and reliable consumption of cannabis oil as well as health benefits and heightened flavor over smoking. With a host of current options and new technology immerging often, these compact yet highly effective little vessels should be on the consumer radar.


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