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Precision Extraction: Turn Key Labs

Written by Ryan Scott

When it comes to producing high quality, commercial cannabis extractions, there exists a multitude of hurdles to overcome for those who wish to do so safely and in the most efficient manner possible. These obstacles include things like building code regulations, standard operational procedures, and extraction-technique and engineer training. Luckily, Precision Extraction provides all these services and more to get your professional lab up and running.

Turn Key Lab Design and Planning

Building and maintaining a professional, commercial-sized extraction lab begins with site planning and proper lab design. Building and safety code requirements also need to be met in order to ensure the proficient operation of any extraction business. Navigating the web of various codes and regulations is often daunting to say the least. Precision Professional Services include concept-to-completion strategies aimed at establishing these standards correctly, and in a timely manner. In addition to these services, Precision Extraction Solutions also manufactures closed-loop extraction equipment and provides lab planning, as well as training, for cannabis processors.

Extraction Engineering

The manufacture of top-quality concentrates often involves different procedures and equipment to achieve the desired results, even more-so on an industrial scale. To achieve this safely and in compliance with local fire marshal compliance standards is no easy task. Precision Extraction provides the services necessary to assure the safety of the lab’s work environment while ensuring that regulatory standards are being met.

The expertise behind Precision Extraction’s ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction teams lend their services as an opportunity for those seeking a scientific and diligent approach to producing extracts.

For those who have decided to undertake the business of producing high-quality concentrates on a commercial level, Precision Extraction helps to alleviate many of the burdens of developing, maintaining, and producing the methods necessary to achieve their goals.

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