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The Hydrodynamic Extraction Method Making Waves Across the Industry

Written by Loren DeVito, PhD

How PhytoX stacks up against current technology

Cannabis extraction is a tricky business. Although there are many different methods to choose from, each comes along with its own unique benefits and potential pitfalls. [1] A significant rise in the number of extraction techniques and companies providing these services has stemmed directly from consumer demand. As legalization spreads from the West to the East in the US and to our neighbors up north, cannabis access has skyrocketed, creating an untapped market of consumers who demand a variety of
high-quality products. Unlike the cannabis smokers of the ‘60s, the 2019 crowd is vaping, taking edibles and tinctures, using salves, experimenting with waxes and dabs, and using the latest and greatest technology to enjoy this new rainbow of products at the ready.

The bar for cannabis products has been set quite high (no pun intended) as we get into this new year. And extraction technology lies at the core of the process, ensuring that products have precisely the right composition of cannabinoids and terpenes and elicit the desired effects – without leaving behind a bitter taste or, worse, unsafe chemicals. In addition, the process must ensure a consistent and pure product. These benchmarks for successful extraction are of paramount importance for all consumers but especially for those using cannabis to treat medical conditions. [2]

So, when new companies and technologies come on the market, diligent consumers and cannabis scientists and technologists must take a close look at the methodology. Just a few months ago, one such company unveiled their highly innovative method that is creating a stir in the extraction world.

iaso, founded in 2015, is a cannabis technology company that officially broke into the cannabis scene at the Terpenes and Testing World Conference last April with the announcement of their two products – GrowBloxTM and PhytoXTM.PhytoXTMis a“groundbreaking” hydrodynamics extraction system that converts fresh cannabis plants into nanoemulsions (dispersions of very small droplets of oil and water) – retaining the plant’s spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids and, thereby, preserving its essential aroma.

Since the PhytoXTM method utilizes the full plant, it cuts waste from processing, leading to increased yields, potency, and bioavailability – all within a small footprint, producing only 15-25% waste solids that are converted into bio-compost. This incredible efficiency results in the ability to process 25 kg of fresh plants into approximately 10 L of miscella oils – and in less than an hour. So, how exactly does this work?

The PhytoXTM system consists of six different steps, starting with freezing and fixing biomolecules to enhance bioavailability. Then, hydrodynamic force (high energy water power) and ultrasonification(sound energy) are applied to convert plant material into a nanoemulsion and solids. Cold extraction is used to separate the cannabinoids from the clear emulsion into solvent, followed by low-temperature distillation, which prevents degradation. Finally, a low-temperature drying process removes residual solvents, thereby retaining molecular integrity.

With its new technology, iaso aims to overcome key challenges to full adoption of medical cannabis – consistency, efficacy, and safety. And the PhytoXTMsystem includes essential features that can process the full cannabis plant to produce a cleaner, safer, more potent product andsteer full speed ahead into the new year of cannabis!


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