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Best Products for Dabbing

Written by Caleb Summeril

As the popularity in cannabis extractions continue to rise so do the many methods to consume the varying products available in the marketplace. When it comes to dabbing, the tools and terminology needed to partake in this style of consumption can be overwhelming to the newcomer and skilled dabber alike. The equipment, setup, and methods for dabbing can all differ greatly due to personal preference and availability so here is a look at some of the best products to help streamline the experience.

Universal Titanium Dab Nail

A nice universal titanium dab nail is an excellent complement to any dabbing setup and makes switching rigs and varying joint sizes and genders a problem of the past. A universal nail will fit on nearly any dab rig or water pipe as long as the setup has a glass joint. Titanium construction means that it will be nearly indestructible and last long enough to be a part of multiple dabbing setups for years. There are different options available for universal nails but check out these for a head start.

The Torch

A high-quality dab torch is essential. These flame producing units heat up the nail to a hot enough temperature to vaporize cannabis concentrates, making it a must-have product for the vast majority of setups. There are many different torches available, but one meant specifically for dabbing will produce an ample flame to heat a nail quickly and properly. Some of the best torches on the market can be found here.

Carb Caps

Carb caps are not an essential tool for dabbing but can really make a difference when it comes to flavor and efficiency. These little additions to a setup will allow for lower temperature vaporizing which reduces wasted vapor during the dabbing process by restricting airflow to your hot nail. The best carb cap is one suited to your particular dabbing setup, but a list of available options for 2019 can be found here.

Quartz Bangers

A quartz banger is a handy product for dabbing which allows the heat of the torch and nail to be displaced slightly away from a dab rig. Before the rise of quartz bangers, high temperatures generated from the nail could potentially damage expensive rigs. These units fit over the joint and offer a larger dish for increased dabbing longevity out of a water pipe or dab rig. More information and options for bangers can be found here.

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