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Flavored Cannabis Distillate

Written by Petar Petrov

Cannabis distillates are famous for their potency and purity, but those attributes don’t come without a cost – their high potency also means that there’s not much room for anything else, like terpenes.

Flavored cannabis distillates are born out of the desire to make up for this drawback by re-introducing terpenes into the equation, creating a product that has more benefits to offer besides elevated THC potency and purity.

Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis distillates are made by taking “raw oils” a step further on the purification chain, refining them additionally through the use of distillation in order to separate cannabinoids from terpenes and anything else.

Cannabis Distillate – Pros and Cons

Proponents of cannabis distillate love it for its promise of great purity and potency. However, the opponent’s point of contention is pretty much that but flipped upside-down – by purging the crude extract of the unwanted compounds and impurities, the end product might be one-dimensional in taste, smell, and effects, devoid of all the beneficial terpenes which concurrently deprive it of the magical synergy they, in addition to cannabinoids, play an essential part in.

Flavored Cannabis Distillate with Cannabis Terpenes

This is where flavored cannabis distillate comes in. It’s important to emphasize when we talk about flavored cannabis distillates that the flavors come from added terpenes and not from added synthesized molecules (although some of the terpenes themselves can be synthetic rather than organic in origin).

Flavored cannabis distillate is a “regular” distillate with added terpenes. Thus, these concentrates offer similar THC potencies (potency would be slightly lessened, by weight, depending on the volumes of terpenes added), but with added terpenes,distillates also unlock the entourage effect which many people equate with the full-spectrum of medicinal benefits to be cannabis use.

Flavored Cannabis Distillate with Other Terpenes

If you want a product with multi-dimensional effects, aroma, and flavors, companies are now starting to add essential oils of jasmine, chamomile, lavender, and other plants, the terpenes of which are known to produce certain effects, in addition to having coveted aroma and flavor. These can act as ‘flavor kicks’ on top of the regular formulas that are added to the distillates.

Room to Experiment

Flavored cannabis distillate offers incredible room for experimentation to professional companies with the required resources and expertise.Cannabis distillate is already far from cheap due to the extra steps required in the manufacturing process, and being a step even further from that, flavored cannabis distillate costs more time, energy, and respectively money. That being said, for those looking strictly for arguably the most well-rounded cannabis extract, the investment should be more than worth it.

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