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AC Moon Cameron

Stuff Writer

I am a multi-certified Patented Inventor with 25 years’ experience working in Cannabis, Business Innovation, Organic Farming and Extraction, Infusions, Edibles, and product innovation.

As an off-grid 2nd generation farmer, I have dedicated my life to the research and directive of herbal remedies and entrepreneurialism. My first edibles company under Medical Ca law in 2001, Harvest Moon Munchie Company, advocates for herbal alternatives for chronically ill patients.

During my years as a light deprivation artist in California, fighting prohibition on a federal level while assisting with Cancer ridden family, I began inventing a product that was needed in the outdoor Cannabis farming arena and received a federal patent with 21 micro patents for Croptops Greenhouses(@croptops_greenhouses). Instant Pop-up portable greenhouses to protect plants from storms and use in pest management and research.

While pursuing my degree in Environmental Horticulture and conducting raw land Cannabis development projects throughout the country, I furthered my career in Asia learning manufacturing while developing Intellectual property in Cannabis genetics and process management.

While traveling and assisting others I founded Indica Innovations International, where I have worked in 6 different countries assisting policy makers and entrepreneurs begin building business and methods in all aspects of the industry.

With a history of science driven data research, experience & dedication to love for plants, I have most recently spent the last 6 years working in various parts of the Caribbean.

Currently working as an international educator with University Virgin Islands CELL creating the first Cannabis curriculum for horticulture/ infusions while also simultaneously assisting as a mentor for Oaksterdam University and consulting in Australia, my first kids’ book “Blocks of Wood” is hopefully to soon launch.

Seen on various platforms as a respected legacy contributor, I hold certifications in cGMP, IPM, OSHA, Master Grower, Sigma6, HazMat, Product Development, Advocacy, Firearms and CPR.