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Do Magic Mushrooms Go Bad?

Do magic mushrooms go bad?
Written by Israel Oghenerobor

As magic mushrooms continue to go mainstream, more questions need to be answered. Can they be preserved? Do magic mushrooms go bad?  How long will they last?

When it comes to taking mushrooms, it’s better to be more frugal with its usage than overdo it.
If you purchased more shrooms than you can consume in one sitting, you should store them until you’re ready for another trip. 

So, can these shrooms go bad? Well, to answer this question, many factors need to be considered. Keep reading to find out more on this subject. 

Do Magic Mushrooms Go Bad?

Yes, they do. Almost every food or drug will lose nutrients and potency over time if it’s not stored correctly. The same rule applies to magic mushrooms as well. But there’s more. Aside from reducing quality, the mushrooms can get contaminated.

When stored properly, they can last for years. Even so, it may be difficult to tell how much of their psychoactive compounds remain. They can lose their potency over time as the active constituents break down. In addition to that magic mushrooms can develop bacteria or mold

You may need to look out for signs that this has happened. Why? Your body might react to whatever makes the mushrooms go bad. For instance, you might get sick or develop respiratory problems.

To ensure you maintain mushroom safety, potency and quality, you should consider how you store them. 

Can Fresh Magic Shrooms Go Bad?

Yes, they can get moldy, rot and even get contaminated if they’re not stored properly. That said, they will be alright if you dry them. If they’re fresh, don’t wash them before storing them. 

Fresh shrooms should be stored in a brown paper bag and placed inside the refrigerator’s main compartment (not the crisper drawer). 

Can Dried Shrooms Go Bad Too?

Dried shrooms tend to lose their potency more quickly than fresh ones. They gradually lose their concentration of psilocybin, the main chemical for any psychedelic effect. They won’t pick up mold and bacteria like your fresh shrooms if stored in an air-tight container.  

When stored properly, they are pretty safe to consume indefinitely. However, they may not have the strong psychedelic effect you want. 

When Do Magic Mushrooms Go Bad?

It depends on the type of mushroom. Fresh mushrooms may only last you about three to four days. 

On the other hand, dried mushrooms can last for over a year. Your mushrooms in powder or capsule form can maintain their potency for 6 to 12 months before the start of the oxidation process.  

As for mushroom chocolates, they have an average shelf life of 12 to 18 months. Indeed, they can last for years, but for best results, you should keep them chilled rather than frozen. If you can avoid it, you can eat your shrooms right away for the best experience.  

Why Do Magic Mushrooms Go Bad?

Like vegetables, your shrooms may decay and grow bacteria or mold if you keep them beyond their shelf life. Stating the fact, your newly purchased mushrooms may go bad for several reasons.

Stored In A Wrong Container and Environment

If you store your fresh mushrooms in a plastic container, they can get contaminated by bacteria or get spoiled by mold. For fresh magic mushrooms, store them in a paper bag. For dried magic mushrooms,  you can keep them in a pyrex container if you intend to consume them relatively soon otherwise you can also store them in a plastic bag under vacuum. In general is always recommended to keep your mushrooms away from sunlight, in a cold and dry place.

Not Dried Properly

You must ensure that your magic mushrooms are thoroughly dried before you store them. If you still feel that ‘squishiness’ when you touch the shrooms, it’s a sign that they retained moisture. This internal moisture may lead to mold development, making shrooms rotten and unsafe for consumption.

Not Cleaned Properly

Many mushroom growers fail to clean their mushrooms very well after harvesting, leaving specks of dirt or substrate at the bottom. Remember that this may lead to a faster degradation and contamination of the mushrooms.

How Do I Know My Shrooms Are Spoiled?

As a consumer of magic mushrooms, you must know how to spot contamination before you take them. This is crucial to prevent health problems such as nausea, allergic reactions, respiratory infections and bad trips. Contaminated mushrooms may have a slimy texture. If you notice that they are too wet to the touch it is better to throw them away

If you notice that mold started growing on your mushrooms or that their colour is changed and is particularly dark, it is recommended to avoid ingesting them.  

Mushrooms are known for their earthy and musky scent. If your shrooms have developed a sweet, pungent or funky odour, it’s a sign of degradation. In this case, it’s best if you dump the entire stash: It might be very dangerous for your health.

Final words

All magic mushrooms will eventually lose their potency over time. Nevertheless you can choose the proper storage method in ortder to preserve them and to avoid the degradation of the active constituents.

It is recommended to examine your shrooms before you eat them. If you notice any sign of contamination, a smart advice is to throw them away to avoid unpleasant side effects. Your health is worth more than a good trip!

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