Crack the Code on Extract Marketing

Written by Lydia Kariuki

The global plant extract market size is growing steadily, reaching a value of $22.49 billion by 2030, which hints at a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. [1] This brief article gives helpful tips on marketing extracts such as turmeric, ginger, and mushrooms.


Learn the Laws

Most plant extracts are legal across the globe. [2] Curcumin and ginger extract fall in this category. This means that there are hardly any restrictions as to how you can market them.
The regulatory framework of psilocybin is hazy because of the illegal status of mushrooms containing the active compound. Some US cities such as Denver in Colorado, Oakland in California and Portland in Oregon have decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms. That said, there’s a thriving underground market for mushroom extracts.


Define your Target Market

The next thing is to define the audience for your extracts. Who buys plant extracts?
Here are three groups of people that might be interested in your extracts:

  • Those who embrace plant medicine such as herbalists are a likely audience for plant extracts. You can search the internet for such groups and reach out to them.
  • Those who buy supplements on the regular are potential clients for your extracts. Shops that sell such supplements already have this audience. It will be helpful to approach them and market to them.
  • Psilocybin extract can be used recreationally though the legality of this is questionable. Nevertheless there is a pool of people using these extracts as microdoses in order to improve mood and mental health.


Provide Free Education

You can always create high-value content that will establish you as a thought leader and the sales will follow. Always remember that the primary ingredient for success in such uncharted waters is a genuine passion and a belief that your product can help people and change the world.


Create a positive brand

Create a brand that can rally a following. This includes picking the right colors, brand message and tone. Make it easy for consumers to identify with your products, even though this will come at an extra cost.


Use Social Media Influencers

Even as extracts such as psilocybin move from the periphery to the mainstream it may take a longer time to do away with the stigma. Social media influencers can play a key role in creating a positive image for your brand.







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