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The Benefits of In-House CBD Production for Equipment Manufacturers

Written by Christina Major

As your production of CBD products grows, you might think about manufacturing your own product. It can be a daunting task, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Manufacturing your own quality product sets you apart from the competition. The options are nearly endless when you have your own production line and you have security for the future as the cannabis industry grows and thrives.


Ability to Switch to Meet Market Demand Instantly

Depending on the type of research emerging, people can seek out different types of products with various additives. Being able to manufacture your own products means you can switch to meet demand. Some of the latest research shows CBD could provide a far more significant benefit in conjunction with different herbal supplements. For example, things like turmeric, vitamin E, and various herbs like lavender and ashwagandha have the potential for enhanced benefits if combined with the cannabinoid.


Reduced Risk of Sub-Par Product

Along with manufacturing your own product, you will have to have third-party testing. Many products distributed by third-party vendors don’t include testing results unless requested. As more people become savvy in reading quality reports, they will choose manufacturers with proven results. You can test your raw material as it comes in and the final product before it goes out the door to meet your quality standards. And because you’re in control of the quality, you can instantly adjust your product to meet market demands and quality standards.


Rapid Customization & Innovation

Have a novel idea for CBD products? You don’t have to limit yourself to capsules, gummies, and oils. Depending on how the regulation goes in the next couple of years, food products and additional supplement pathways will open. Having your own manufacturing facility lets you create the product the public desires and gives you the opportunity to be the first on the market with new ideas and innovations.


Trademark & Recipe Protections

Being first on the market and quickly adapting to the pressures of a changing market gives you the ability to trademark and even copyright your recipes and formulations. This gives you protection to make sure your product is top of sales when people look. Initially, in-house manufacturing is a considerable expense, but the results and long-term benefits can greatly outweigh this risk. Your ability to innovate, be first on the market, and respond quickly to market pressures can give your company longevity and security to last a lifetime.

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