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ASTM D8441/8441M: What is it and why Does it Matter?

Written by Antonio DeRose

What is ASTM D8441/8441M in the cannabis world? This is a two-part answer.

The ASTM itself is a leading international standards agency spanning 150 global industries called ASTM International. According to their records, over 12,500 ASTM standards are being used around the world. The purpose of these standards is to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance.

D8441/8441M is a new international standard for the cannabis industry that has been issued by the ASTM. It establishes a globally universal symbol that indicates a product contains intoxicating cannabinoids. This new symbol is being called the International Intoxicating Cannabis Product Symbol (IICPS). Join us as we discover what this new IICPS is and what it means for cannabis companies and consumers.


Why Does It Matter?

Consumer safety is one of the biggest concerns for all consumer products. This goes two-fold or more for consumer goods that have intoxicating effects. Cannabis falls into this category and cannabis packaging is an important topic for both consumers and cannabis business owners. Consumers need to know how to safely read and understand.

Having an internationally-accepted and recognizable symbol that indicates a product contains intoxicating cannabinoids is crucial for consumer safety. This is even more important in a global industry containing countless product types, from edibles and other consumables to vape cartridges, lotions, and bath bombs etc.


Who Created ASTM D8441/8441M?

ASTM D84411/8441M is a team effort with many collaborators. The idea was spearheaded by Dr. David L. Nathan, who is a leader in cannabis safety regulation. Dr. Nathan and his son Eli, both contributed to the new IICPS. The symbol is a redesign based on the Universal Cannabis Product Symbol (UCPS), which Dr. Nathan initially proposed along with Doctors for Cannabis Regulation and other parties in 2019. He recently issued a call to action for all legalized jurisdictions in the U.S. to adopt the IICPS. His statement makes several valid arguments in favor of adopting a universal symbol ensuring consumer safety.

“We present the IICPS to regulators with a simple message: This is not just the right choice as a universal symbol for cannabis products — it’s also the safe choice,” said Dr Nathan.

Adopting a universal symbol will help keep consumers safe. It will also facilitate cannabis and cannabis goods as globally recognized consumer products instead of illicit drugs. This makes it a great deal for cannabis consumers and the global cannabis industry.

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